Aquarium Leaking Water, Water Keeps Going Down in Fish Tank, What To Do?

You may have seen this before where the water in your aquarium keeps going down overnight but yet you’ve seen no visible leaks in your goldfish tank. If you have seen this there is a reason, you just need to find it, your fish tank is leaking water.

All aquariums will lose water from time to time due to evaporation but if you ever see the water drop 2-3 inches or more in a given day, something is going on! What you need to do is look around your aquarium and see if you may have missed something while looking at your goldfish tank.

White Fantail Goldfish Inside Aquarium Tank

Here I will give you a list of a few things to check for:

  1. Check around your aquarium and look for any signs of leaking. If you see water on your stand or on the floor try and find the source of where it’s coming from. Back track. There could be a crack in the tank or the silicone may need to be replaced or patched in certain areas of your aquarium. Check hoses if you have a canister filter.
  2. Aqua Clear Aquarium Filter by Hagen - Fish Tank FilterCheck your aquarium filter as it may be leaking water from there. Sometimes the filter will clog up or get dirty and need cleaning. If it’s quite dirty the water level can rise inside the filter and overflow out the back. You might not even notice it. Sometimes it can lift your sponge inside the filter lifting the cover. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while and it’s dirty, clean it, that may be the source of the leaking water.
  3. Is the aquarium filter level? Sometimes the filter itself may not be level and it could be slanted towards the back therefore causing the water to overflow. Filters most of the time come with a plastic leveling device that you can move to level your filter. If this is the issue then try adding a small piece of wood or something that you add in there between the tank itself and the filter. Make sure the aquarium filter is level or slightly slanted forward is okay as the water goes inside the tank.
  4. Hagen Elite Optima Air Pump For Aquarium Fish TanksHas there been a power outage lately in your area? If so the aquarium pump may have been the possible cause for the leaking water. If your aquarium pump is laying on your aquarium stand below the water level the water can actually siphon out of your tank when there is a power outage. It’s always best to have any pumps above the water level for this reason.

There is always a reason for leaking water in an aquarium. Just do a little digging and you’ll find the answer. Most of the time it’s the filter or pump but just make sure you look around everywhere. When dealing with water leaking from your goldfish tank always be sure to keep power bars and cords away from the water for your own safety.

Hope this helps people out and if you need anymore help with goldfish, ponds, and aquariums be sure to check out our website fully for more information.


Jamie Boyle
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Setting Up Goldfish Aquaponic System Inside Greenhouse

Goldfish Aquaponic System Set Up

Aquaponics is something everyone should try doing and what I have been doing lately is building my goldfish aquaponic system inside our greenhouse. It does take a little work to set up but you can enjoy having goldfish and have fresh vegetables for your family too. I bought quite a few IBC totes or IBC tanks last year and this is what I will be using for a goldfish tank.

Take a look at the project I started:

Goldfish Aquaponic System 4" PVC Piping For 2" Net cups

First thing I had to do is make hole in the 4″ PVC pipe that I picked up from Home Depot. This will be where we place our 2″ net cups where are vegetable plants will go.

Goldfish Aquaponic System 4" PVC Piping For 2" Net cups

As you can see above the holes for our net cups fit perfectly.

Goldfish Aquaponic System 4" PVC Piping For 2" Net cups

Goldfish Aquaponic System 4" PVC Piping For 2" Net cups

This photo above is for our hydroponic system that we did last year to grow lettuce and other vegetables. This is the same idea that we’ll be using for our aquaponic system to grow more plants as the return water goes back to our goldfish tank.

Goldfish Aquaponic System Set Up

This is what our aquaponic system will look like. We may have to goldfish tanks that will be piped together. The 55 gallon drums will be extra filtration added to take out the larger waste particles. It will act like a vortex filter and we’ll have a water discharge outlet on the bottom for easy cleaning.

Goldfish Aquaponic System Grow Bed For Vegetable Plants

This IBC tote we cut a portion of it off and we’ll be using this for our goldfish aquaponic system grow bed. We will be filling this with hydroton clay pebbles. We will be constructing a bell syphon to add to the grow bed. This here will be a flood and drain system.

Goldfish Aquaponic System Grow Bed For Vegetable Plants & Water Tank Below

As you can see there is a IBC tank, on the bottom which will house the pond pump. The water here will be piped up to the back along the greenhouse wall where there will be the return 4″ white pvc pipe with 2″ net pots for more growing space for vegetables. Most likely in these spots we’ll be growing lettuce.

Goldfish Aquaponic System Return PVC Pipe For More Vegetable Plants

As you can see in the photos above this is what our goldfish aquaponic system will look like. We’ll add some more pictures as we work on finishing this aquaponic system. The plumbing part is our next job to do. I can’t wait until this aquaponic system is up and running!

Grow Your Own Pond Plants & Water Lilies From Seeds – Benefits To Goldfish & Koi Water Gardens

Cattails - Grow Your Own Cattails From SeedsIf you have a pond and looking to add more aquatic plants why not grow your own pond plants and water lilies from seeds. We all know that water plants help our ponds in so many ways, it helps keep the water safe for fish through natural filtration, helps protect your pond fish from predators and adds beauty to any new or existing garden pond. The benefits of aquatic plants in ponds is endless but so many times pond owners don’t have enough of these in their water gardens.

If your looking at adding more plants to your pond then try growing your own aquatic plants from seeds. Over at Country Koi Fish Farm we now have an Ebay Store selling everything from pond plant seeds, perennial seeds and vegetable seeds. If you love water gardening as much as we do then give it a try! We’ll be adding many more to our store soon for you all to see. Water gardening is fun and now you can increase the amount of pond plants you have without spending a fortune.

You can go to our link below to buy pond plant seeds, perennial seeds and vegetable seeds on our Ebay Store:

Pond plants and water lilies not only add to the beauty of any pond but your goldfish and koi fish will thank you for it! How many times have you had herons, racoons or other pond predators get your pond fish? I know I have and we probably all have at one time or another as we look for one of our favourite fish and it’s nowhere to be found. Having pond plants in your pond helps give your fish a place to hide, the more you have the greater chance that your fish will survive. It also gives your goldfish or koi something to nibble on such as duckweed which they really enjoy as a treat.

As a woman once said, ” Ain’t no one got any time for that…” so if you have no time growing your own pond plants from seeds you can also go to our website and buy these pond plants already grown for you. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries… we’ll grow all your water plants for your at



Jamie Boyle
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Water Gardening Is Here! Are Your Garden Pond Fish Healthy?

Well spring is here and that means your water garden is now open for another year but are your pond fish healthy after a long cold winter? Hopefully all your goldfish, koi and other types of pond fish you may have are healthy and actively swimming around your pond but for some of you, you might not have been so lucky.

Every year pond owners face devastating fish loss which is known as winter fish kill. I’ve been there a long time ago myself, but luckily I only lose a few fish every other year or so. For some people who have been in the hobby for a while, who have grown very large koi fish or goldfish and only to lose them over the winter can be very heart breaking. The fact of the matter is that you can help prevent winter fish kill in several ways and I’ll explain more later in another article on this.

Goldfish Spawning Breeding Pond With Baby Goldfish at Country Koi Fish Farm

For now you need to observe your pond fish now that all the ice and snow are gone and make sure that your fish are healthy. As the water begins to warm up and your fish come out of hibernation is when goldfish diseases and parasites can quickly take over, if your fish are ill or sick. You need to make sure your pond water quality is perfect and that you have all the decaying leaves out of your pond. If your pond fish is full of leaves the chances of your fish getting sick with diseases and parasites is extremely high. Many people lose fish over the winter due to dirty fish ponds with tons of leaves at the bottom of the pond and that they do not aerate the pond over the winter to make sure that a hole stays open in the pond so that bad gases can escape from the pond.

Yellow Koi Fish at Country Koi Fish FarmJust the other day I was over at my parents home and they started losing some pond fish. They had quite a few leaves that fell in their pond before winter and this contributed towards them losing several large koi fish. My father immediately did a 50% water change in his pond and now the fish are acting much more lively. He also took out all the decayed leaves that were resting on the pond bottom.

The moral of the story is that what you decide to do or not to do at the end of fall before winter will directly impact your overall results come spring. If you take the time and follow proper pond maintenance procedures it will probably result in a smile on your face come spring. If you take shortcuts or decide not to clean your pond or remove decaying leaves you’ll probably be saddened when you start seeing dead fish in your garden pond. Do what needs to be done to successfully overwinter pond fish.

Hopefully you all had a great spring and you didn’t suffer any fish loss in your pond. I’d love to hear all great comments but please feel free to share your ups and downs you may have had this past winter with your pond. I hope all your pond fish made it another year for your enjoyment this summer and I wish you all another great pond season.

Country Koi Fish Farm Free Water Lilies Offer - Order By April 15th, 2013

For those of you who have a pond and want to add more pond plants and hardy water lilies this year I am having a season opening special at Country Koi Fish Farm. If you order over $100 in water plants by April 15th, 2013 you will receive 2 free unknown hardy water lilies. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some free water plants for your pond!

Country Koi Fish Farm - 5 Pack Hardy Water Lilies Special


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Goldfish Health Problems – Signs of Fish Diseases and Sickness

Hello goldfish owners, I keep getting emails about different health problems owners are having with their goldfish with all sorts of fish diseases and sickness. I am going to talk a little more about this very common issue. What you need to know is that goldfish can become susceptible to different types of fish diseases and will get sick sooner or later. Sometimes a person tries to do everything humanly possible to keep their fish from getting sick but they still do. Why is that?

In order to keep goldfish healthy and free of fish diseases and sickness you need to know how to take care of goldfish. When was the last time you checked your water quality? When is the last time you did a water change? The last time you cleaned the aquarium gravel? Your aquarium filter? People should chart what they do and when and record your water quality readings to see whether there is an increase or decrease in Ph, Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc.. Track your results…. Your the one that literally has your goldfish’s life in your hands. If you don’t keep care of goldfish properly they will become stressed and get sick, no question about it.

Goldfish Health Problems - Signs of Fish Diseases and SicknessThere are different things that contribute to the cause of stress in goldfish and they include: overcrowded fish tanks, aquarium light always being left on, rapid temperature changes from water changes, spawning, rough handling of fish, and of course diseases and parasites. If you can reduce the stress from fish you can increase your chances of success in your goldfish hobby.
Here is one thing I want to strongly emphasize is watch out when using herbicides, pesticides and lawn and garden fertilizers around you home. This can have a devastating impact on your water quality should it happen to get in your pond for all you pond owners as well. This will lower water quality and potentially kill all your goldfish in your pond. The best word of advice is don’t use these around your pond….. Trust me, I’ve heard many stories from people that woke up one morning only to find all their fish dead in the pond. Yes goldfish may be cheap but if you had beautiful koi in your pond, it’s a whole different story. Koi can be expensive! So next time you want to get your lawn sprayed, think twice!

Signs of goldfish problems:

Goldfish lethargy/inactivity

CAUSE: This is a sign usually of poor water quality due to high ammonia and nitrite. The cause of poor water quality is mostly due to overcrowding your aquarium or pond and overfeeding your fish. Another possible cause as mentioned for home owners having ponds could be the spraying of lawns as mentioned above.

RECOMMENDATION: Water quality should be tested immediately after noticing lethargy/inactivity among goldfish. If you have high levels of ammonia and nitrite an immediate partial water change is needed. You should change about 1/3 of the water in your aquarium or pond. Always be sure to when doing water changes to always add chlorine remover as well. Continue to test water quality daily and small water changes till water quality levels become good.
Goldfish gasping at surface of aquarium or pond

Goldfish Gasping For Air In Aquarium Fish TankCAUSE:  Goldfish are usually seen gasping at the water surface mostly due to low oxygen levels. Remember the more fish you have in your aquarium or pond will decrease oxygen levels as well. If your fish are gasping for air then you probably have too many fish in your aquarium or pond.
RECOMMENDATION: You need to lower your stocking levels by giving away some fish to neighbours or friends if that’s the case. If it’s not due to fish stocking levels you need to increase aeration to your aquarium or pond by use of an air pump. For pond owners, hot summer days can lower oxygen levels as the water temperature heats up. When you see your pond fish gasping for air at the waters surface turn your hose on and let it spray into your pond, this will help.
Goldfish fungus, ich/white spots, tail rot, ulcers

Fantail Goldfish Sick With Ulcer - Open Red SoresCAUSE: Goldfish diseases often occur when fish are stressed. Fish diseases and parasites can happen due to many reasons. A couple off reason off hand are buying sick fish from pet store and introducing goldfish to other healthy fish. Not properly cleaning equipment after treating diseases and parasites only to re-introduce the sickness back to your aquarium or pond. One of the biggest causes is overcrowding your fish tank or pond and overfeeding your goldfish.
RECOMMENDATION: Identify fish disease or parasites and treat with the proper goldfish medication. Stop overfeeding your fish, reduce stocking levels if aquarium or pond is overcrowded and sterilize aquarium and pond equipment properly after treating fish. Clean your fish nets accordingly.
I hope that this follow up I’ve provided hear will help and answer some of the many emails I’ve received lately concerning goldfish health, fish diseases and sickness. I urge you all to read and follow the tips and suggestions here when taking care of goldfish and other types of fish. If you have the proper game plan and knowledge when it comes to fish you’ll have greater success. To those parents looking for help and advice for their child’s goldfish, hope this helps guide you in the right direction. I receive many emails from many parents looking to save the life of their child’s sick goldfish. I hope that my goldfish blog will help you along the way.
I always welcome comments! Please feel free to comment add to the discussion and help other people who have goldfish questions in the comments below. I thank you all for visiting my goldfish blog and look forward to speaking to you all.
Jamie Boyle
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