What Should I Feed Baby Goldfish Fry After The Fish Eggs Hatch?

When your goldfish are done breeding what and how do you feed baby goldfish fry after the eggs hatch. These small baby goldfish will feed off the yolk sac for the first 24 hours after the goldfish eggs hatch before swimming on their own. After the baby goldfish fry are swimming on their own you will need to start feeding them. If you go to your local pet store or online aquarium store you can buy powdered fry food specifically for baby goldfish. Depending on the store you might be able to buy liquid vitamins that will help improve the health of your new baby fish.

What I like to do is mix the powdered fry food with the liquid vitamins to make a paste then feed this to your baby goldfish. They will have all the nutrients they need to grow. In order to raise baby goldfish you need to provide enough space for them to grow and a good feeding schedule. Try and feed them three to four times a day in small amounts. Baby goldfish require more feedings in the early stages of life much like babies when they’re born.

Goldfish Spawning Breeding Pond With Baby Goldfish at Country Koi Fish Farm

When goldfish breeders spawn goldfish they have them in holding ponds for the first couple of weeks. After that they introduce the baby goldfish to mud ponds to grow them out. When goldfish are grown in mud ponds you will see much better growth due to the large amount live food and algae available in ponds. If you feed your baby goldfish powdered food, liquid vitamins and put them in a pond you will have plenty of healthy baby fish.

Did you ever breed goldfish before? Did you have a lot of baby goldfish? What did you feed your baby goldfish fry when the fish eggs hatched?


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