Water Gardening Is Here! Are Your Garden Pond Fish Healthy?

Well spring is here and that means your water garden is now open for another year but are your pond fish healthy after a long cold winter? Hopefully all your goldfish, koi and other types of pond fish you may have are healthy and actively swimming around your pond but for some of you, you might not have been so lucky.

Every year pond owners face devastating fish loss which is known as winter fish kill. I’ve been there a long time ago myself, but luckily I only lose a few fish every other year or so. For some people who have been in the hobby for a while, who have grown very large koi fish or goldfish and only to lose them over the winter can be very heart breaking. The fact of the matter is that you can help prevent winter fish kill in several ways and I’ll explain more later in another article on this.

Goldfish Spawning Breeding Pond With Baby Goldfish at Country Koi Fish Farm

For now you need to observe your pond fish now that all the ice and snow are gone and make sure that your fish are healthy. As the water begins to warm up and your fish come out of hibernation is when goldfish diseases and parasites can quickly take over, if your fish are ill or sick. You need to make sure your pond water quality is perfect and that you have all the decaying leaves out of your pond. If your pond fish is full of leaves the chances of your fish getting sick with diseases and parasites is extremely high. Many people lose fish over the winter due to dirty fish ponds with tons of leaves at the bottom of the pond and that they do not aerate the pond over the winter to make sure that a hole stays open in the pond so that bad gases can escape from the pond.

Yellow Koi Fish at Country Koi Fish FarmJust the other day I was over at my parents home and they started losing some pond fish. They had quite a few leaves that fell in their pond before winter and this contributed towards them losing several large koi fish. My father immediately did a 50% water change in his pond and now the fish are acting much more lively. He also took out all the decayed leaves that were resting on the pond bottom.

The moral of the story is that what you decide to do or not to do at the end of fall before winter will directly impact your overall results come spring. If you take the time and follow proper pond maintenance procedures it will probably result in a smile on your face come spring. If you take shortcuts or decide not to clean your pond or remove decaying leaves you’ll probably be saddened when you start seeing dead fish in your garden pond. Do what needs to be done to successfully overwinter pond fish.

Hopefully you all had a great spring and you didn’t suffer any fish loss in your pond. I’d love to hear all great comments but please feel free to share your ups and downs you may have had this past winter with your pond. I hope all your pond fish made it another year for your enjoyment this summer and I wish you all another great pond season.

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