Grow Your Own Pond Plants & Water Lilies From Seeds – Benefits To Goldfish & Koi Water Gardens

Cattails - Grow Your Own Cattails From SeedsIf you have a pond and looking to add more aquatic plants why not grow your own pond plants and water lilies from seeds. We all know that water plants help our ponds in so many ways, it helps keep the water safe for fish through natural filtration, helps protect your pond fish from predators and adds beauty to any new or existing garden pond. The benefits of aquatic plants in ponds is endless but so many times pond owners don’t have enough of these in their water gardens.

If your looking at adding more plants to your pond then try growing your own aquatic plants from seeds. Over at Country Koi Fish Farm we now have an Ebay Store selling everything from pond plant seeds, perennial seeds and vegetable seeds. If you love water gardening as much as we do then give it a try! We’ll be adding many more to our store soon for you all to see. Water gardening is fun and now you can increase the amount of pond plants you have without spending a fortune.

You can go to our link below to buy pond plant seeds, perennial seeds and vegetable seeds on our Ebay Store:

Pond plants and water lilies not only add to the beauty of any pond but your goldfish and koi fish will thank you for it! How many times have you had herons, racoons or other pond predators get your pond fish? I know I have and we probably all have at one time or another as we look for one of our favourite fish and it’s nowhere to be found. Having pond plants in your pond helps give your fish a place to hide, the more you have the greater chance that your fish will survive. It also gives your goldfish or koi something to nibble on such as duckweed which they really enjoy as a treat.

As a woman once said, ” Ain’t no one got any time for that…” so if you have no time growing your own pond plants from seeds you can also go to our website and buy these pond plants already grown for you. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries… we’ll grow all your water plants for your at



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