Aquarium Leaking Water, Water Keeps Going Down in Fish Tank, What To Do?

You may have seen this before where the water in your aquarium keeps going down overnight but yet you’ve seen no visible leaks in your goldfish tank. If you have seen this there is a reason, you just need to find it, your fish tank is leaking water.

All aquariums will lose water from time to time due to evaporation but if you ever see the water drop 2-3 inches or more in a given day, something is going on! What you need to do is look around your aquarium and see if you may have missed something while looking at your goldfish tank.

White Fantail Goldfish Inside Aquarium Tank

Here I will give you a list of a few things to check for:

  1. Check around your aquarium and look for any signs of leaking. If you see water on your stand or on the floor try and find the source of where it’s coming from. Back track. There could be a crack in the tank or the silicone may need to be replaced or patched in certain areas of your aquarium. Check hoses if you have a canister filter.
  2. Aqua Clear Aquarium Filter by Hagen - Fish Tank FilterCheck your aquarium filter as it may be leaking water from there. Sometimes the filter will clog up or get dirty and need cleaning. If it’s quite dirty the water level can rise inside the filter and overflow out the back. You might not even notice it. Sometimes it can lift your sponge inside the filter lifting the cover. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while and it’s dirty, clean it, that may be the source of the leaking water.
  3. Is the aquarium filter level? Sometimes the filter itself may not be level and it could be slanted towards the back therefore causing the water to overflow. Filters most of the time come with a plastic leveling device that you can move to level your filter. If this is the issue then try adding a small piece of wood or something that you add in there between the tank itself and the filter. Make sure the aquarium filter is level or slightly slanted forward is okay as the water goes inside the tank.
  4. Hagen Elite Optima Air Pump For Aquarium Fish TanksHas there been a power outage lately in your area? If so the aquarium pump may have been the possible cause for the leaking water. If your aquarium pump is laying on your aquarium stand below the water level the water can actually siphon out of your tank when there is a power outage. It’s always best to have any pumps above the water level for this reason.

There is always a reason for leaking water in an aquarium. Just do a little digging and you’ll find the answer. Most of the time it’s the filter or pump but just make sure you look around everywhere. When dealing with water leaking from your goldfish tank always be sure to keep power bars and cords away from the water for your own safety.

Hope this helps people out and if you need anymore help with goldfish, ponds, and aquariums be sure to check out our website fully for more information.


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