Goldfish Links

Want to look at some great goldfish sites and resources? These goldfish links below are other great sites all about goldfish, koi or garden ponds.

If you happen to have a garden pond and need any pond plants or water lilies in Canada, you can shop at my Country Koi Fish Farm website. We have some of the best prices in Canada.

Pet Goldfish Forum – a community of people in the goldfish hobby. You are able to join and chat with others, ask questions and look for answers on treating goldfish diseases and taking care of goldfish.

Koi Fish Care Information – have koi, want answers here is a site about having koi fish ponds. Learn about koi and see different varieties of koi.

Happy Goldfish – another great goldfish blog discussing everything you need to know about goldfish from health to diseases.

Water Plants For Ponds – Country Koi Fish Farm is my business where I sell a wide assortment of pond fish including goldfish, sarassa comets, shubunkins, fancy fantails, gold catfish, blue catfish, koi and butterfly koi. We also sell all your pond plant needs from marginals, hardy water lilies, and floating aquatic plants. If you have a pond and need plants we ship them all across Canada. Visit my website for more information.

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