Goldfish Care -Everyday Things To Do

Goldfish care needs to be done everyday to ensure goldfish stay healthy. Doing small things everyday will make a big difference in keeping your goldfish disease free and no illness.

Here are some things people should do everyday to make sure everything is safe for your goldfish.

1. Turn on the aquarium light. Goldfish need light everyday.

2. After you have turned on the light make sure there are no dead fish in your aquarium. Make sure you look closely, sometimes goldfish may be dead in your aquarium as sometimes they can be behind decorations in your aquarium. Look closely cause what can cause problems with goldfish is dead fish that are left in an aquarium not noticed. When these dead fish are left in your aquarium it can cause a whole bunch of problems. It first of all pollutes the water changing the PH levels, Ammonia levels, Nitrite and Nitrate, It also cause goldfish diseases to spread to other goldfish all because of these dead fish. Just take care of and remove any dead goldfish that you see.

3. If you don’t have that many goldfish to care for you should be able to quickly count them as well. Sometimes fish can jump out of an aquarium. I’ve had this happen several times before. No matter how much you care for your goldfish sometimes things happen. I had an aquarium full of koi, one was about 10″ long and it had jumped out onto the floor. It was there for probably about 2-3 hours we believe. It’s body was pretty dry but as soon as my mother put it back in the tank it was fine. Koi are a pretty strong hardy fish and pretty easy to take care of. Just make sure you count them to make sure none of yours may have jumped out of your aquarium.

4. Take a quick look and see if all your goldfish are behaving normal. Check to see if there scratching themselves, fins fluttering, or gasping and look for any signs of diseases, illness or injuries. If any of the above take care of your goldfish right away.

5. Make sure all your equipment is running properly. Make sure your filter is running as at times the filter can lose its prime if their is a power outage. Make sure your air pump is working properly as well to ensure your goldfish have plenty of oxygen. Also check to see if your heater is working. Goldfish don’t need a heater but you definitely need one if you have tropical fish as a small fluctuation in temperature in tropical fish can lead to sickness, disease or death.

6.Last thing to do is feed your goldfish, care for them, relax and enjoy.

By just taking less then 5 minutes a day to check the following things and feed your fish at the same time can literally save the life of your goldfish by just giving them a little bit of care. If you notice something out of whack you will be able to fix it and take care of your goldfish properly. Small things can make a big difference by saving your money and giving you more time in enjoying your goldfish aquarium hobby.

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    how often do you feed goldfish.

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