Ulcers On Goldfish Red Sores- Blotches

By Jamie Boyle

Ulcers disease among goldfish appear at the beginning as small red sores or blotches. These ulcers are usually caused by a parasitic infestation then a secondary bacterial infection has set in. These ulcers much like mouth rot will actually eat away the skin and flesh of your goldfish and if left untreated will actually eat away until it forms a hole in the goldfish showing the internal organs. Goldfish ulcers are annoying but they are treatable and are much easier to treat in the early stages when ulcers appear with the right fish medications. As I mentioned at the beginning they start off as small red sores but these sores will increase in size as this ulcer disease progresses.

Ulcers can happen from a variety of different reasons:

Ulcer Disease Appear On Goldfish As Red Sores As Seen In This Picture As The Tissue Is Literally Eaten Away1. Poor water quality
2. Parasitic Infestation
3. Injury
4. Overcrowded conditions
5. Stress
6. Result of spawning injury
7. High count of aeromonas and pseudomonas in the water

These are some of the reasons ulcers will happen on goldfish. What you need to do is treat your goldfish right away. If left untreated death is sure to happen to your goldfish so be sure to treat your goldfish right away and learn how to treat ulcer disease on goldfish.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

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9 comments on “Ulcers On Goldfish Red Sores- Blotches

  1. Moo! on said:

    Thank you for information about goldfish disease.http://www.goldfish-kiki.blogspot.com/

  2. Jamie Boyle on said:

    Your very welcome!Glad I could share with you and other people information all about goldfish care, diseases and treatments. You have a nice blog too, very beautiful pictures of goldfish, well done!Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish GuyNeed Water Lilies For You Water Garden Pond?www.WaterPlantsForPonds.com

  3. karina on said:

    how do you treat this? my fish has this.

  4. WaterPlantsForPonds on said:

    Hi Karina,You can treat ulcers on goldfish in several ways, either by Melafix, Debride Medicated food, Debride Medicated Ointment and the Kutsuri Wound Kit.To learn more on how to treat ulcers please visit my new post on my goldfish blog: How To Treat Ulcer Disease On GoldfishThis will show you how to treat and your problems your having with ulcers right now.You need anymore help with the treatment of ulcer disease please leave another comment on my blog Karina and I will help you with your problem with some advice and information.Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish GuyDid you know that water lilies and water plants are extremely beneficial for a water garden pond?www.WaterPlantsForPonds.com

  5. Crystal on said:

    Thank you for having this information available, Jamie. Our formerly black, now orange goldfish, Timothy has a HUGE ulcer, and I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere until I saw the pics here. We’re going to try the medication and hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again. Have a great 2009!~Crystal

  6. The Goldfish Guy on said:

    Hi Crystal,Your very welcome! I’m glad you found the information you were looking for. There are many types of fish medications for ulcers on the market. I find the one I like to use and works is Melafix. I imagine that will be the one you are going to get to treat your goldfish ulcer right.I hope your goldfish gets better soon. I know you said he had a huge ulcer so I bet he is in pretty rough shape. Whatever fish medication you use to treat the ulcer, make sure you follow the directions on the back properly. With the right medication, proper dosage and treatment your fish should get better soon.Also be sure to check your water quality frequently. Ulcers happen for a reason, usually do to poor water quality. Better be safe and check the water quality to make sure the ulcers will not reappear.Thanks for stopping by and hope your goldfish feels better soon. If you ever need anymore help please stop by again.Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish GuyP.S. Wishing you best wishes in 2009!

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you for posting a blog about goldfish. My son has a gold fish in a 10 gallon aquarium and he showed me today a red spot on the side of him. I have no idea where to go to purchase medication to help heal him. A pet store? Local WalMart? What would be best? He's about 3 inches long, and 2 years old. I should mention that there is also a Plecos that resides in the tank with him (or her). I would appreciate any help if you can. Thank you 🙂 jacquie

  8. kingmegs on said:

    hi my gold fish has got a massive ulceer, i have been treating him with salt from pet shop.but now one of my other fish has started to attack him and eat his ulcer, so i have moved him out of tank is their anything i can do . thankyou sue

  9. Caroline on said:

    Hi there I have a Goldfish who started to hide underneath the filter which is weird. Then all of a sudden he developed red spots/ulcers down his sides. From time to time the Goldfish throws himself out of the water against the lid of the tank. I use Tap Safe in the water and Ammonia Remover. I did a bit of research on line and bought some Melafix. However the red spots/ulcers started to vanish before even using it. But I used it none the less just incase. Two days of no ulcers and then they came back even though I have been putting the Melafix in everyday for seven days. The fish is still hiding and throwing himself out of the tank. I put in some Aquarium Salt too. I dont know what else to try. Any suggestions? I have a four gallon tank and have been putting in 2 to 3 mls of Melafix.

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