Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

By Jamie Boyle

Many people believe that goldfish do not have teeth but the true fact of that matter is that YES goldfish do have teeth. When feeding goldfish and you watch them eat you will not see teeth in front of their mouth like us that we use for eating but they have teeth further back used to break up and digest their food. Goldfish have some teeth in their jaws but most goldfish teeth are in their throat called pharyngeal teeth.

Just because you cannot see goldfish teeth doesn’t mean they’re not there. Lots if people believe that goldfish don’t have teeth but they do. Goldfish TeethHere is a picture of goldfish teeth so you can see what I am talking about. You can see these bony teeth like structure deep inside the mouth of this goldfish. Pretty neat eh!

So when people tell you that goldfish don’t have teeth, you can correct them and show them this picture.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

6 comments on “Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I have quite a large fish pond with only 10 gold fish in I have noticed one who’s stomach has turned white a bit bloated over the week end and today I have notice it asthough maybe other fish have attacked it it’s sides a liked frayed. No atack as been witnessed. The pump and filter went down for a day last week could you give any advise

  2. Jamie Boyle on said:

    Hi there,There are many possible things that may have happened to your goldfish pond. One you may have had some fish predators drop by and they could have injured on your goldfish like the heron or racoon. That may be one reason your goldfish fins are frayed.Another possibility is that your goldfish may have become stressed when your pond pump went down last week. It could have spooked them and caused an injury to happen.The main thing I beleive is that your goldfish may be showing early signs of dropsy which causes the stomach to bloat and eyes to bulge or pop out of it’s head known as Popeye. What usually causes this is poor water quality. Have you checked your water quality lately?Frayed fins are quite common is goldfish and usually a simple water change will fix the problem as water quality is the main reason for many goldfish diseases and related problems that occur.Another thing that could be as well is that your goldfish which you say is large around the abdomen could be full or eggs and they may have bred in your pond. When goldfish breed the male bumps the sides of the female causing the eggs to be released and fertilized. When goldfish spawning occurs it is quite normal for goldfish injuries to occur and sometimes even death as the males keep nudging the sides of the exhausted female. They will literall push the female goldfish around the pond as it will have no energy left in her.There are many things it could be but water quality is the number one reason goldfish diseases and illness occur. That would be the first step is to check your water quality.Need anymore help please feel free to drop by my goldfish blog anytime.Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish Guy

  3. Happy Goldfish on said:

    You’re right Jamie, not a lot of people are aware of goldfish teeth. Essential for pre-digesting live feed and pellets.Great photo by the way. Where did you get that one?

  4. Leslie on said:

    Hi!I just got my first fish maybe 5 months ago. He is a large fancy goldfish. The problem is that he has three white lumps on the INSIDE of his mouth; in his throat. It is visible only when he opens his mouth very wide, and it has me worried. Overall he seems healthy and fine. I have tested the water and everything looks good there. I am giving him medicated food for internal/external parasites. This was suggested by a professional who could not diagnose the problem, but said the medication would not be harmful. Any ideas or help? Thanks!

  5. kathleen on said:

    I need help, I have three fish, and one of them has a problem, the centre of his right eye has gone big and bulgy, and I don’t know what’s wrong or what to do!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous on said:

    I have gold fish but one of my goldfishes eye is gone its not on him and his eyes are big cuase he is a black moore and one of his eyes are gone like i said plz help bye sincerly shianna

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