Do Pond Goldfish Need To Be Fed?

By Jamie Boyle

Goldfish in a pond, do you really need to feed them? Well yes and no. When people build a garden pond in their backyard they want to enjoy it, add some pond plants, water lilies and most importantly some fish. The best part about having a water garden feature in your pond is feeding them. Feeding your goldfish is just one of the joys of having a pond. You can relax, observe your fish swimming so gracefully in the water and watch them feed and perhaps even feed them by hand. Kids and adults all enjoy this part of taking care of the pond and fish.

But do you really need to feed goldfish in a pond? Technically no as depending on the size of your pond there is plenty of food in the pond itself. Fancy GoldfishYou see goldfish will pick and feed on just about anything, they will eat the mosquito larvae, water fleas, worms and just about any insect that will come close to your goldfish. Goldfish are basically a scavenger and very similar to the koi in that aspect. On top of all the microscopic animals in the water that your goldfish can eat and consume there are always plants that they will nibble on such as duckweed ( which is very good for fish )and your fish will also eat the algae that is in your pond as well. Any green vegetation such as duckweed or algae they will eat.

One Of The Many Ponds At Country Koi Fish Farm With Goldfish, Sarassa Comets, Koi and Butterfly Koi. It Also Includes Many Different Types of Water Lilies and Yellow Flag Water Iris along With Other Types Of Marginals.

So when people ask themselves do you really need to feed your goldfish in a pond the answer is yes and no. If you want to enjoy your fish come feeding time then go ahead by all means and feed them, other then that your fish will just be fine with all the available things it contains in your pond. So it really depends on you and what kind of enjoyment you want out of your goldfish pond.

One of my brother's pond pictures which is a nice looking waterfall. His pond is filtered with elodea and parrot feather which helps keep his water healthy and clean. Water plants is the best form of filtration a pond can have.In my opinion you should feed them as this is a great way to observe your goldfish come feeding time to see for any signs of injuries or diseases. Plus feeding them is the best part of having a garden pond other then the looks and sounds that a water garden can bring to your backyard. So go ahead feed them and see the beauty that your fish bring to your water garden.

Do you feed your goldfish in your pond? If so, what type of goldfish pond food do you feed your fish?


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

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2 comments on “Do Pond Goldfish Need To Be Fed?

  1. Brad on said:

    Thank you for a very clear answer to this question. It was really helpful. I had suspected goldfish would feed themselves, but hadn’t even thought that interaction with them would be a reason to feed them. Now I know. 🙂

  2. Anonymous on said:

    They will eat more than is good for their minute stomachs. Three of my goldfish have died this year and I am shocked to learn that it is because I have been feeding them unnecessarily. There are enough weed, plants and micro-organisms in my moderately-sized pond. If you must feed them it is important to follow the instruction to give them only what they can eat in two minutes!

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