Melafix Bacterial and Fungal Fish Medication Treatment

By Jamie Boyle

Melafix is an antibacterial remedy for the treatment of koi and goldfish diseases. This fish medication is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections that affects koi and goldfish. Bacterial and fungal infections often cause problems not only for business owners in the aquarium industry who sell fish but also for the general hobbyists as well. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc. developed Melafix after over 6 years of research and development.

Through their careful research and testing of hundreds of botannical extracts which are used for treatment of common fish diseases they found one that worked extremely well. Melafix - Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Antibacterial Remedy For The Treatment Of Koi And Goldfish DiseasesMelafix is an all natural medication which came from the leaves of Melaleuca, scientific name for the tea tree. Many people know of the healing properties of tea extract which some of us use to heal scrapes and cuts. Melafix is very similar as they heal bacterial infections caused by scrapes and cuts as well as fungal infections found on goldfish and koi.

Advanced Ulcer Disease Before The Use Of Melafix For Treatment Of This Bacterial Infection

What makes Melafix such an amazing fish medication for treatment of bacterial and fungal infections is how fast it works. Melafix treats wounds found on fish and promotes tissue regeneration very rapidly. During Aquarium Pharmaceuticals testing phase on fish who had extreme fin and tail rot, it had completely healed and restored damage tissue. After using Melafix new growth of tissue and healing can be seen in as little as 4 days. Another great benefit that Melafix has is that it won’t disturb or harm the biological filter, colour your water, or stain aquarium ornaments. I have been using Melafix for years in treatment of goldfish and koi diseases and have had great success. The healing properties of Melafix makes this fish medication one of the best in today’s market for healing bacterial and fungal infections.

Melafix – Use To Treat Bacterial Infections In Koi and Goldfish

* Treats ulcers and open wounds
* Rapidly repairs damaged fins
* Treats fin and tail rot
* Treats Cloudy Eye
* Use when introducing new fish
* Will not harm the biological filter
* Safe for snails and other invertibrates
* Safe for aquatic plants
* Safe for domestic animals and other wildlife

You can buy Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Mela Fix to treat bacterial and fungal infections found on goldfish and koi. Melafix is one of the best forms of koi and goldfish medication treatments today and is very effective at healing fish and getting their health back to normal.

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21 comments on “Melafix Bacterial and Fungal Fish Medication Treatment

  1. mommyjoy on said:

    I was reading your site about cloudy eye and I am not sure that is what my goldfish has. It kind of looks like a cataract. I am not educated on goldfish as this one came from a carnival last year and I can’t believe it is still alive. It is in a 3 gallon tank. Thank you in advance for any info. that can help.

  2. PetGoldfishForum on said:

    I’m so sorry for not replying back to you. I just seen now that you commented. My apologies.When you see goldfish that have like a white film over they eye, it’s called cloudy eye. That is exactly what your fish had or still does. If you use Melafix it will treat your fish and get it back to normal in no time.Hope this helps you out and sorry again. I am usually on top of replying back quickly but sometimes I get many comments at same time and I tend to miss one once in a while.Talk to you soon,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish Guy

  3. Lenny's mom on said:

    We have a goldfish we inherited from a friend who was not properly caring for them. It appears he has cloudy eye. It also appears he may be blind, as he feeds solely off the bottom of the tank, sucking in the little gravels and spitting them back out, as he hunts for food. Could this just be the way he is, or could the cloudy eye have blinded him. We’ve been using the melafix for 5 days now and also the aquarium salt. Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. Jamie Boyle on said:

    Yes Melafix will treat cloudy eye in goldfish. As far as your goldfish being blind I don’t think so at all. All goldfish pick and suck up rocks in search for food.Does your goldfish ever feed at the top and how is the Melafix treatment working for you? Is the cloudy eye all gone now after just 5 days of treatment?Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish Guy

  5. Lenny's mom on said:

    Thank you for such a quick reply.We’ve used the Melafix for 6 days now, counting today, and no, the cloudy eye is not gone…..his eyes still seem to be clouded over.The reason I said he appears blind is because the other fish go to the top of the tank to get food when it’s put in, and poor Lenny never does. It’s like he’s not aware it’s there. We see food float right past him and he just ignores it, eating off the gravel. The other fish (one just a tiny bit bitter than Lenny and two smaller ones) seem to SEE the food. He doesn’t.He also appeared to have a few scales missing when he came to live with us on the 10th of this month. We wondered if it was b/c he was running into the decorative ship that had been in the water and he’d injured himself. We took the ship out and he has nothing to run into now. Will the scales grow back?His head is slightly lighter than the rest of his ‘gold/orange’ body. Any advice is very appreciated….I have a soft place in my heart for the little critters. Thanks.

  6. PetGoldfishForum on said:

    Okay you may have a seperate problem here. You mentioned that the goldfish head was slighly lighter in colour then the rest of the body. Loss of colour on a fish can be signs of flukes and other external parasites which cause the colour to fade.What I would suggest now is after the Melafix treatment is over and cloudy eye doesn’t seem to be gone then I suspect external parasites. Then try using CopperSafe From Mardel Labs which treats against external parasites This treatment is effectve for 1 month and works great at keeping goldfish healthy. Try doing this and keep me informed and we’ll get your fish health back to normal.As far as the missing scales on your goldfish, they will grow back in time. When you have aquarium decorations in your tank they can become injured. Also another thing after answering this question about scales missing now really makes me believe parasites now. You see when goldfish become itchy as parasites are all over their body they begin flicking, and scratching themselves on anything to try and rid themselves of the parasites. By doing this they can lose some of their scales.Here a few more questions for you:Does he swim normally, active appear healthy other then just the cloudy eye? He’s not lazy at all? Do you ever see your goldfish scratching himself on the bottom of the tank on the gravel, decorations etc…?We’ll get this goldfish problem fixed for you. I know those little critters they do grow on us :)Sincerely,Jamie BoyleThe Goldfish GuyNew Fish Forum! Goldfish, Koi, Ponds – Join Today!

  7. Lenny's mom on said:

    Yeah, I’m definitely determined to make sure Lenny gets better.Let me answer your questions…..Yes, he swims actively. He isn’t sluggish or lethargic at all. When we feared he was blind and couldn’t see where he was going, we took the decorations out of the tank. He doesn’t have anything in his way to run into or scratch on.I asked my husband and our daughter to see if they had seen Lenny scratch himself on the gravel. I had not, and neither have they.We’ve used the melafix for 7 days now, and we’ve used aquarium salt. We’ve changed 25% of the water tonight to keep it fresh as the directions on the salt said. Lenny eats well, swims well, and he doesn’t appear scratchy, but perhaps he has ‘itched’ and lost the scales….I just figured he’d run into the ship decoration when he was with his former owner prior to us taking it out. His upper body/head area is slightly lighter in color than the gold rest of his body. I’m planning on stopping at the nearest pet store on my way home from work tomorrow to get the CopperSafe from Mardel labs….I’m sure they’ll have it.Thank you so much for working with me here on this. YES, we ARE going to get Lenny better!!

  8. Lenny's mom on said:

    A couple more questions, if I can….1. we have used the melafix for 8 now, and we have the coppersafe now also–can we use them together?2. how long should we use the treatments?3. how do we know if we are feeding them enough/too much? they are anxious to eat whenever we offer it up, and we watch them to see if they are eating most all of it. What’s a good gauge?thanks again for your help……

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Hi There My fish had fin rot and i used malafix for just 3 days they are heaps better but wondered if i should carry on with it to make the fin on my angel fish grow back. I stopped because it made the water very bubbly i have a 172 litre tank and used 20 ml each dayThak you

  10. Anonymous on said:

    I have had a goldfish for about 5 years in a 10 gallon tank and in the last few weeks, I've noticed that he is stationary in the tank. He used to swim back and forth and go to the top of the tank for feedings. Now he sits in one spot. His eyes look cloudy or white-ish in the center. I know he cannot see because food can sink right in front of him or beside his eyes and he doesn't react. I haven't seen him eat anything for days. I have read that blind fish will eat from the bottom of the tank, but he isn't eating. Could there be any treatment for him or could be have irreversible blindness? What can I do to feed him?

  11. I have a large fancy tail goldfish that developed an ulcer on his the side of his head where the soft flesh is located which is part of the brainy that grows from the top of his head & around his face. He also has a black spot at the bottom of his tummy with a red spot. I had another fish that dveloped this months ago also & tried Maracyne II with that fish but he did not get well. His ulcer got worse where part of his brainy part started flapping away from the rest of his body as he swam. I also stuck this fish with that fish during hospitalization. Any suggestions?

  12. Hi, I have two goldfish, one white, one orange. The white one has developed what looks like coagulated blood on it's scales from about mid-body to tail. The orange one has what looks like a mould like paste on either side of it's dorsal fins. I've been putting Melafix in the tank (as the red streaks had happened before, but not so bad, and had been almost cured within 4 days) for 4 days, but nothing seems to have happened. Can you help me? I really feel bad, because I cannot help them.

  13. I just saved two goldfish from the county fair. They were in a terrible environment there and the big one now has a rip in his tail as well as some red spotting. I knew from previous fair fish that this was tail rot. I had tried in the past to treat the fish but i had had so success. I learned about Melafix through the internet but im just wondering if it will help repair the rip in the fin or if it will just kill whatever is causing the rot. Also how long does it normally take for the Melafix to work??

  14. Danielle Wilson on said:

    I'm hoping for some help in regards to my tank. I have a 14 gallon tank [Aquatech tank, filter, plus an airstone] that is completely cycled. I took water samples to the store [PetSmart] and they said it was as perfect as perfect can be on ALL counts and had obviously cycled [tank is 8 months old]. I bought two goldfish and they died within 48 hours. They seemed perfectly fine, but got weaker as time went on. I returned those two and got another one [just one, after we talked about my tank being too small to accomodate more]. This poor little guy also lasted about 48 hours and spent the majority of his time gaspign for air at the top until he became too weak. =( I did everything I could think of [25% water changes, adding stess coat, aquarium salt, etc.] but he too died. I noticed clearish mucus trailing out from his head and his bowel movements toward the end were whitish, thin and long. I thought I had accidentally triple overdosed on Stress Zyme, but the company said that's absolutely not possible [wouldn't harm the fish]. I went back to get my refund [but no new fish] and noticed a sickly goldfish in the same tank I'd gotten mine from [fin rot, maybe]. The fins on my fish were fine. He did have one gill plate that looked reddish within [like you could see an internal muscle or something], but I was told this was normal [by someone very experienced at petsmart]. I have great well water, and as mentioned before, everytime they test my water, it's about as perfect as it gets [they say]. Another fish store also said the same. Here's my dilemma…I did a major water change after the tank was again empty. I'm currently treating the tank for parasites [Parasite Clear from Tank Buddies] and am thinking I should use Melafix afterwards. But since I never fully identified what the problem was, I don't know if I'm even barking up the right tree. All I want is a golfish to swim around and be happy so I can enjoy it being happy, LOL! =) I really, really don't want to bring home another fish just to watch it die. =(Any advice would be great! Thank you!!!p.s. I had danios in there a few weeks before, but basically did a 100% water change [removed fish, and used gravel vaccum, keeping gravel wet but repeatedly removing and refilling tank with water…completely cleaned off with water and clean brush all decore and walls]. I didn't realize this was the wrong thing to do, and so all of my danios died. =( =( So I let the tank empty of fish for two weeks before switching to the goldfish. I was told that even though I messed up my bio-filter, it still appeared as if the tank was fully cycled. Also, whenever I acclimate fish to a new tank, I do it by the book [float bag 30 min., slowly add water, never add transfer water to tank].

  15. Anonymous on said:

    I have been keeping 2 fish aquariums ( 1 x 150 litre and 1 x 30 litrs) for quite a number of years now but of late I am experiencing alot of problems with my samller aquarium. It has been running fine for over 12 months but in the past 2 weeks I have lost all my gold fish ( including the replacement ones i have put in.. they always die within 5 days of being introdued to the tank. They are fine for the first 3 or so days and then whamo… their tails get white around the edges and then start to rot away and the next day they are dead.. i have tried treating the water with WARDLEYS ICKAWAY..(it makes the water go a light green colour) but they die anyway. The tank is definaltey not overcrowded ( 3 fish per 10 litres) . the PH levels are perfect .. what am i doing wrong.Thanks

  16. Anonymous on said:

    Hello, does Melafix fungal treatment work in Tropical fish tanks?

  17. How should i use the melafix for my goldfish he is 8yrs old just started to get a little cloudy on his right eye also i think his eyes are poping out alittle thnx

  18. Catherine on said:

    Hi. Your blog is so informative, I'm glad I found it. I have a question for you. I bought both melafix and pimafix as I wasn't sure which one would be more appropriate. I see the active ingredient is the same in both and I am treating for ick in a twenty gallon tank with one very big goldfish. I had added a small goldfish to the tank but the fungus killed it. This is the second fish I got from that store and both times I added the fish, an occurrence of the fungus followed.

    • jennifer on said:

      what store did you purchase them at ???? i got mine from petsmart in buffalo and i added a few more big gold fish and they died instantly.

  19. Unexperienced Goldfish Owner on said:

    My goldfish are starting to show the early stages of Fin Rot. Will Melafix treat it well?

  20. jennifer on said:

    i have two of the brainy goldfish and they both are getting tail rot and they have white things all over them and it seems like something is eating at them like some kinda bacteria. they are like my babies my husband gave them to me for christmas and i fell in love with them. can someone please help me try and save my baby goldies i would really appreciate it thanks in advance.

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