Feeding Pond Fish – When Should I Start Feeding Fish In Spring?

Spring has arrived and when should you start feeding pond fish in spring in your garden pond? What people should do is only start feeding their pond fish when the water warms up past 55 degrees farenheit. People need to remember that your fish need to come out of hibernation over winter. Their immune system is still low and vulnerable to diseases and parasites. As the water warms your fish metabolism will increase.

 People should start feeding their goldfish a wheat germ based food that is easy to digest in spring and low in protein. When the water is below 55 degrees farenheit the metablism of the fish slows down that is why you should only start feeding fish once water warms up past that.

Koi Fish Pond

People should also have a thermometer on hand so they can check the temperature of the water in their pond come spring. I know after a long winter people are very eager to start feeding their goldfish and getting their pond operational again. I know because I am one of those people. It’s exciting to know your pond is open and you see your fish swimming around but this is also the most crucial time that pond fish are vulnerable to many things as well.

Feeding Goldfish and Koi In Fish Pond

Spring Fish Food For Pond FishIf people are eager to start feeding their pond fish such as goldfish and koi you can buy Autumn and Spring Fish Food that you can feed your fish down to 42 degreees farenheit. You can go this route but I would suggest just letting your pond fish be until the water temperature warms up to 55 degrees. If your pond fish are hungry their is plenty of food for them to pick at in a pond. Just let nature feed them until your water temperature in your pond is safe to start feeding them regular fish food. Remember always start feeding pond fish a wheat germ based food until water warms up then you can switch over and start feeding your fish a higher protein food. Feeding pond fish is one of the most exciting parts of owning a pond so lets feed them the appropriate food at the time of year to ensure they maintain healthy and disease free.

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