Don’t Eat Goldfish – It Can Cause Cancer And Make You Sick

Can I eat goldfish? The answer is no! Eating goldfish can cause cancer and make you sick. I’ve seen so many young teenagers, men, and some women eating or swallowing goldfish at parties for a joke or a dare through YouTube videos and it makes me sick just thinking of it. Well for one eating a goldfish or swallowing one is gross but it’s what they don’t know that may make them think twice next time. Eating goldfish may indeed cause someone to get cancer and I’ll explain why.

For years I’ve been treating goldfish and using certain fish medications including Melachite Green to treat against different diseases and parasites. What some people don’t know is that Melachite Green is a carcinogen, meaning it has the ability to cause cancer. Now think about it now! Teenager Eats and Swallows A Live Goldfish - What's Wrong With People?These young kids, teenagers and even adults thinking they’re having a good old laugh about it could be in fact writing their own death sentence. This fish medication that goldfish and koi breeders use at fish farms intended just to be used as ornamental fish for aquariums or ponds can have serious effects against us. No fish should be consumed if this type of fish medication is used. Melachite green can cause cancer and should be used properly, with protective equipment and with caution. So no, no one should eat or swallow live goldfish as it’s not safe.!

How Could You Eat A GoldfishA few years ago now I remember in Japan they had I think it was salmon that the Food Inspection Agency came into a local market and removed all the fish as it was contaminated. No fish intended for human consumption is allowed to be treated with Melachite Green. The fish in the market they found was immediately removed and destroyed.

So next time you, or people you may know decide they want to eat a goldfish or swallow one, remember this post. Goldfish treated with melachite green has the ability to cause cancer and should not be for human consumption. Now if this doesn’t stop you from picking up a live goldfish and eating it maybe all the wonderful little parasites that they carry might stop you. I could go on and on about how eating goldfish can make you sick. Some goldfish parasites reproduce at an amazing rate like ich at 500 parasites per cyst. I could say more but I think I made my point about how eating goldfish can cause cancer, make you sick and is plain gross. So next time your hungry instead of eating a live goldfish, go grab something out of the refrigerator.

Would you eat a live goldfish for money, a dare of just a plain joke? Love to hear your thoughts on this!

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    If there was a chance that eating a goldfish could cause cancer then there is no way that you would be able to purchase it. The risk of dermal absorption from getting tank water or the chemical on your skin is probably worse. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has the following comments on its website:Q. Is eating fish that contains trace levels of malachite green harmful?A. Scientific evidence indicates that leucomalachite green, a metabolite of malachite green, may be a genotoxic carcinogen which persists in fish tissues long after malachite green can no longer be detected.Health Canada has, however, conducted a thorough scientific health risk assessment and has determined that the potential risk to human from eating fish with levels of MG and or LMG residues at 1ppb or lower is remote, even if fish with these levels are consumed every day, over a lifetime .

  2. Goldfish Care on said:

    I would disagree with your first comment about how eating a goldfish if it was known to cause cancer there would be no way we would be able to purchase it. Not true at all. We buy stuff everyday that causes cancer and they are not stopping people from buying it. People smoke cigarettes everyday, yet they know it can cause cancer.Second of all a goldfish is not to eat. These are ornamental fish that are not intended for human consumption. What people people do is at their own risk.Third malachite green in direct contact with skin is not good at all. On some products that are used for treating goldfish and other types of fish there is a label saying " This product may have the ability to cause cancer. This product should not be used on fish for human consumption".I appreciate your feedback on this post but I do ask you this one question. If there was no way that this could cause cancer they wouldn't have the label. Same goes with cigarettes, they know their product causes cancer in people and are obligated by law to display this on their packages.Some people think that this can may cause cancer due to the chemical used and its known health risks. Others may disagree, but with everyone in todays world they can make an educated decision based on facts and what they believe. So next time anyone decides to eat a goldfish think again. You decide what your chances are based on the above information. Why risk it, the way I look at it.

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  4. Anonymous on said:

    Eating live goldfish is also cruel. Despite popular belief fish can feel pain and have long term memories. Not only would the fish suffocate when swallowed it would dissolve in your stomach acid. Not a nice way to go. Also on eating goldfish- if you ate enough goldfish you could get cancer. But many things cause cancer including burnt toast.

  5. Carassia on said:

    Maybe the post is a "bit" exaggerating, but if it can stop one or another dumbwit from swallowing a goldfish, it was worthwile!Jutta

  6. Elsezenia on said:

    eating goldfish is disgusting and cruel and wrong. I think people who harm helpless animals for the fun of it are a bunch of sick minded sociopaths.

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