How To Feed Your Goldfish While Gone On Vacation?

It’s vacation time and your wondering on how to feed your goldfish while your gone away, what do you do. Well you have several options that you can do to ensure your goldfish are properly cared for and they are fed while gone away on your vacation trip. You will also need to make sure water quality and equipment is within its proper range and they are working effectively. Feeding goldfish while gone away on vacation is the least of your worries and I’m going to tell you why.

How To Feed Your Goldfish While on Vacation:

1. Have a family member or friend feed your goldfish while you are gone away.

Family Vacation - Don't Forget To Feed Your Goldfish At Home!

Goldfish Tip #1 – Make sure you show them how much to feed them and how often. Also explain to them do not clean the tank. I’ve heard horror stories where people come back from vacation to find all their goldfish or tropical fish dead in the aquarium because they cleaned the entire tank with dish detergent or bleach and placed fish back in. Remember educate your goldfish care givers…..

Boy Feeding Goldfish In Pond

2. Buy a slow release vacation fish food block at your local pet store. A good one to buy is Top Fin Slow Release Vacation Feeding Blocks.

Top Fin Slow Release Vacation Feeding Blocks For Goldfish and Other Types of Fish

This is one of the easiest ways for people to feed their goldfish while gone away on that family vacation of yours. Buy one of these slow release fish food tablets and voila!

3. Buy an automatic fish feeder for your goldfish.

Automatic Fish Feeder For Goldfish and Other Types of Fish

This way works good too. Automatic fish feeders will pour out a small amount of fish food which is programmed for every so many hours. Here’s another option for you.

Remember these tips and how to feed your goldfish while gone on vacation works for both aquariums and goldfish ponds. If you have someone you can trust get them to come over to your home and feed your goldfish for you. If your only gone for a day or two, don’t worry about your goldfish, they’ll be just fine. Pet stores only feed their goldfish every second day to help reduce maintenance and they are just fine there. If you happen to be going away longer then a day or two then seek someone that can feed your goldfish for you or buy goldfish vacation food blocks while your away on your trip. This will slowly release fish food to your goldfish every day for up to 10 days. Goldfish vacation food is the perfect solution for while your away on vacation.

4 comments on “How To Feed Your Goldfish While Gone On Vacation?

  1. Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy on said:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such great advice on my goldfish issues, Jamie! Hopefully next time I try to put some in the tank they'll last longer. 🙂

  2. Goldfish Care on said:

    Your very welcome! I hope the few goldfish tips and advice I left on your blog helps you in the future.Yes hopefully your golfish will live longer next time :)Sincerely,Jamie BoyleGoldfish Care Expert

  3. BluPhEoNiX22 on said:

    I just inherited a single goldfish in a bowl at my office. Should I take him home and feed him for the weekend or will he be ok until Monday? What about 3 day weekends? How often should I feed him daily? The fish food says 3 times daily but only enough food that can be consumed within 3 minutes. I think that would make the water dirty quite quickly. Also, should I get a filter?

  4. Anonymous on said:

    One very important point.The Top Fin feeders instructions are not clear. Example. Let's say you have one goldfish in a bowl and are going to be gone for 5 days. The package contains one 10 day feeder and two three day feeders.So one would think that you could put half of the 10 day or one of the three day feeders in the bowl.This is not true and will kill your fish. Read the back of the instructions clearly. In the smaller print it states that the 10 day feeder is designed to feed 5 fish for up to 10 days. Same for the three day 5 fish for 3 days.If you just drop in a 10 day feeder in your bowl and think all will be fine it wont. I returned in five days luckily to find my fish swimming unbalanced and looking all red and his eyes burning. The entire bowl was a cloud of salt mixture from the feeder block. And I had placed only half a 10 day feeder in the bowl.He ended up surviving and is back to normal but wanted to warn you that the guides for the top fin feeders are for 5-10 fish and if you drop one in your bowl it will probably end your fish.The best I've found is to use the beta 7 day feeder which is much smaller if you're going to be gone for up to 7 days and only have one fish.And feed him/her well and fresh water the bowl before you leave.

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