How To Keep Goldfish Tank Clean and Water Clear?

Keeping a golfish tank clean and water clear may be a challenge for some unless you know how to properly maintain your aquarium or fish bowl. In order to keep your fish tank clean you will need to follow a maintenance schedule to keep goldfish healthy and disease free.

Here I will show you 8 steps to keeping your fish tank clean and healthy.

Goldfish Tank Clean and Clear

Aquarium bucket for water changes

1. Perform a 25% weekly water change in your fish tank then add fresh water to your aquarium.

Aquarium Gravel Cleaners and Vacuums Makes Cleaning Fish Tanks Easy!

2. When performing your water change use an aquarium gravel cleaner that will clean and remove fish waste built up in the gravel. Discard dirty water.

Algae Cleaning Brush for Aquariums

3. Clean any algae off the sides of the aquarium glass with an algae scraper or an algae cleaning brush.

4. Clean any aquarium ornaments with a brush.

Aquarium Filter

5. Replace filter media such as sponges and carbon once a month. Never replace these at the same time your doing water changes in your aquarium as this will disturb your biological filtration.

Nutrafin Cycle

6. Add cycle to your aquarium each and every time you do a water change.

Aquarium Water Conditioners

7. Add water conditioner to remove any chlorine or harmful metals after every water change. Follow dosage on the bottle.

8. Keep aquarium lighting to a minimum to reduce algae on aquarium glass.

If you follow these simple steps you’ll learn how to keep your goldfish tank clean and water crystal clear.

2 comments on “How To Keep Goldfish Tank Clean and Water Clear?

  1. Stacy McClellan on said:

    If I am using filtered water (we have a system installed in our home to remove chlorine…) do I need to use a water conditioner when I change the water?Thanks

  2. Stacy McClellan on said:

    If I use filtered water when I do a water change do I still need to add water conditioner too? We have a system at our home to remove chlorine…from our drinking water. Thanks

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