Do Cats Eat Goldfish? How To Stop Cats From Eating Goldfish?

Do cats eat goldfish? Yes! If you ever had a goldfish in a bowl and had a house cat for a pet then you’ve probably lost your dear old goldfish to your little furry friend.

This question was emailed to me yesterday when their goldfish went missing from their fish tank with no signs of the fish. They informed me they had a cat for a pet for years but never had this happen. Cats get curious and if your taking care of a goldfish in a bowl or fish tank and it’s left uncovered then there’s a chance that your little baby goldfish could become lunch for your pet.

Cats Eat Goldfish!Cover Your Goldfish Bowl or Tank

What goldfish owners should do which is very simple on how to stop or prevent cats from eating goldfish is by keeping their tank covered. This is the only way that you will stop your cat from eating your goldfish. Even if your cat doesn’t eat your fish it will most likely injure your goldfish or possibly kill it.

Do Cats Eat Goldfish? How To Protect Goldfish From Cats?At my wife’s parents they have cats and they often catch squirrels, mice and even birds which sometimes they do eat and others times they catch them and play with it. Your goldfish tank should be covered to prevent this from happening.

If you leave your fish tank, bowl or pond uncovered you might soon be without your pet goldfish. Goldfish have many predators and cats are just one other animal that you need to look out for.

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