How Big Do Goldfish Need To Be To Breed?

Many people believe that goldfish need to be a certain size in order to breed but that fact of the matter is they don’t. How big do goldfish need to be to breed does not play a direct role in breeding. In order to breed goldfish they need to be a certain age and sexually mature. The age of goldfish determines if they are ready to breed or spawn. The reason that the size of the goldfish can’t really determine if they are ready to spawn or not is because often times goldfish are kept in small aquariums that are way to small. What happens is that goldfish become stunted in size. You could very well have a goldfish 3-4″ long that’s able to breed. If you see a goldfish that is about 8-10″ long you can pretty much guarantee they are able to breed.

How Big Do Goldfish Need To Be To Breed - Fancy Goldfish BreedingThe size of goldfish is not important when it comes to goldfish breeding it’s the age of the fish that is important.There are certain signs that tell us that goldfish are ready to breed such as breeding tubercles and when you notice goldfish chasing one another. The goldfish chasing the one in front is the male. Goldfish breeding is something all hobbyist look forward to but learn all you can about breeding goldfish in order to have a successful spawning.


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