How Long Does It Take Goldfish Eggs To Hatch?

Once your goldfish spawn it will take some time for the fish eggs to hatch. You will notice the goldfish eggs are like small bubbles all over the roots of plants, the aquarium glass, pond liner, under water lily pads and more. These goldfish eggs will hatch as quick as 48-72 hrs. Generally speaking goldfish eggs usually takes between 5-7 days from the time the goldfish have spawned in order to hatch.

How long does it take goldfish eggs to hatch you ask? Well it all depends on the water temperature. The warmer the water the faster the goldfish eggs will hatch. During this time they do become vulnerable to fungus. You may soon see fungus covering the goldfish eggs and turn white that looks like fuzzy cotton balls. You will need to buy some fish egg fungus prevention medication in order to protect the eggs.

Goldfish Eggs Hatch In Aquarium

Goldfish Babies - Goldfish Fry Eggs HatchWhat you will notice during the fish egg development is after days 3-4 you will see two black dots within the egg as these are the eyes of the goldfish. If you also look closely you will even see the goldfish embryo move inside the egg. It’s just a matter of time and your goldfish will be hatching any day now. Soon the fish eggs will hatch and you’ll have baby goldfish sticking to the sides of your aquarium or pond until the become free swimming in search of food. Learn as much as you can about raising goldfish fry as their lives depend on the fish care you provide.


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    You have saved my grandsons goldfish and we are all so happy .

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  3. Juggs on said:

    will different species of goldfish crossbreed if kept together ?

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