How To Protect Baby Goldfish Fry From Aquarium Filter and Pond Predators?

In order to have many baby goldfish fry from your breeding you will need to know how to protect your baby fish from not only pond predators but from your aquarium filter intake as well.

Baby goldfish can be killed or injured from a variety of different ways. As soon as your goldfish breed and lay their eggs on the spawning mops or water plants they become prey to many different insects. These insects include the water boatman, water beetle and more. If insects weren’t enough to worry about if you don’t treat the water to protect the fish eggs some will quickly be overtaken by fungus. As you can see lots can go wrong even before they get a chance to hatch and develop into goldfish.

Some other things you will need to do to protect your baby goldfish is to make sure you remove the goldfish that have spawned from your breeding tank set up. If you don’t they will quickly eat up all the goldfish eggs. Another thing you need to do is protect the newly hatched baby goldfish from getting sucked up in the filter. For this you can simply use an old or new filter sponge and simply make a little cut into it and slide the filter pipe inside. This will prevent your baby goldfish from getting sucked up into the aquarium filter. Something I do as well using the Hagen AquaClear Power filter system is turn it to low. Remember these baby goldfish are very small and too strong of water current can damage, injure or stress them out and die. Yes they do need exercise but too much where they can become exhausted can be harmful as well. This method using a simple filter sponge works great at protecting baby goldfish fry from aquarium filter intake.

I’ve seen some other methods that people have tried too when they were breeding goldfish that seems to work as well. What they did was used a pop bottle, poked holes in it and slid the filter pipe inside and then wrapped it with pantyhose. If you do try this method make sure you place plenty of holes as this will evenly distribute the amount of suction from each hole. This will work too! One note to remember is to be careful and make sure it is a tight fit on the top of the pop bottle where the filter pipe goes inside. If not small baby goldfish can get through and get sucked up by the filter. If it’s not a tight fit you can simply cut up small pieces of filter sponge and jam it in and around the filter pipe preventing any chance of danger when raising baby goldfish.

As you can see there are many dangers to goldfish even before they hatch and then when they do they have much bigger pond predators to worry about too. For many pond owners they often learn the hard way and end up losing all of the goldfish, koi or other types of fish in their pond from predators. For more information on how to protect goldfish from pond predators you can visit the links below. As for now when breeding goldfish make sure to protect your baby goldfish not only from pond predators but your aquarium filter as well.


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