How To Raise Baby Goldfish Fry? Breeding Goldfish Care

Now that your goldfish have spawned you will need to know how to raise baby goldfish fry. You will notice that your goldfish have laid eggs everywhere and soon these will hatch. The best spawning medium to use for goldfish breeding are spawning mops. These work excellent! If you don’t have these then water plants will work fine. Whatever you used to breed your goldfish these eggs will hatch in 72 hours. Soon you will have baby goldfish and you will need to raise your new baby goldfish and know how to take care of them.

Raising Baby Goldfish FryThe goldfish eggs will soon hatch and you need to be prepared to take care of them and feed them. Within 72 hours these eggs will begin to hatch and they will stick to the sides of your aquarium or goldfish pond. When they eggs hatch they stick to the fish tank glass feeding until they begin swimming. Once they begin swimming you will need to start feeding your baby goldfish powdered food and liquid. Knowing what to feed baby goldfish fry will increase your success at having many healthy baby goldfish.

Raising Baby Goldfish and Koi Breeding

When baby goldfish fry first hatch they feed on the yolk sac before they begin swimming on their own. Feeding baby goldfish after they hatch is very important to their survival. Start feeding them liquid or powdered paste food. You can buy fish food for baby fry at you local pet store.

How To Protect Baby Goldfish Fry From Filter?The next thing you will need to be very careful with is doing water changes and filtering your fish tank when it contains baby goldfish. Remember these fish are very small and you need to be careful and rig up something where your intake is for your aquarium filter. What I’ve done in the past is place a filter sponge over the intake pipe to your filter this will help prevent baby goldfish fry from getting sucked up. The same can be done when doing water changes with your aquarium gravel cleaner.

In order to raise baby goldfish of high quality you need to cull the fry to have the best possible goldfish. What you need to do is cull them and remove any baby goldfish that has any deformities such as body, missing fins, tail, eyes etc.. Culling baby goldfish fry should be done at 2 weeks. As your baby goldfish fry grow you will need to observe your new fish and do future culls.

How To Raise Baby Goldfish Fry

Raising baby goldfish fry takes time and devotion in order to have healthy goldfish. Many people have had goldfish breedings before but are often disappointed when they don’t have many baby goldfish as they suspected. Most of the time it’s because they don’t separate the male and female goldfish from where the eggs were laid. If they don’t remove the goldfish parents they will eat and consume all the fish eggs. Follow proper steps and planning when raising baby goldfish fry and you’ll be happy with the results.


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