Does A Goldfish Pond Cause More Mosquitoes In Your Backyard?

The fact is many people believe that a goldfish pond increases mosquitoes by having a water garden in the backyard but it does not. The only way that mosquitoes will reproduce and increase its population is if there is still water in your yard. You see mosquitoes prefer to breed in still water. By having a well circulated pond with a proper size pump will help prevent mosquitoes from laying the eggs on the water.

Also if people are going to have a fish pond they are going to have fish in which they eat mosquito larvae. Goldfish, Shubunkins, Koi and other types of pond fish actually help control and cut down on the mosquito population.

Goldfish Pond - Beautiful Backyard Water Garden

If you have buckets or containers laying around your yard or birdbaths with water, it is suggested that you empty the standing water right away or refill it daily. If not you better invest into some mosquito repellent.

Pond Mosquitoes - Learn How To Prevent Them

So everyone can put the pond myth away! Ponds don’t actually increase the mosquito population as long as it’s built right. It’s the standing water, puddles and water laying around which is the culprit in which mosquitoes lay their eggs. So if your looking at building a garden pond, don’t let the thought of mosquitoes stop you. The fact of the matter is that a goldfish pond can actually help control mosquitoes plus you’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment from your new water garden. Want to control mosquitoes even more, buy some mosquito fish!

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2 comments on “Does A Goldfish Pond Cause More Mosquitoes In Your Backyard?

  1. Lorenzo on said:

    If the water garden has a filter then this should provide enough water movement to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on it. Also the fish should eat any larvae that do hatch.

    If you aren’t sure, you could add a couple guppies or mosquito fish or drop in something like mosquito bits or dunks.


  2. I am considering adding mosquito fish to my koi pond. How can I quarantine mosquito fish to prevent them from bringing disease into my koi pond ? As we all know koi are expensive and I don’t want to have a problem with them.
    Thank you,

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