Goldfish Care – Types of Goldfish Diseases

Goldfish are susceptible to diseases and here I will discuss the different types of goldfish diseases that fish can develop. Goldfish usually develop diseases or sickness largely due to lack of maintenance on the aquarium. They sometimes can develop them due to injury they suffered by scraping off the protective slime coating that goldfish have on their skin.

Here are the different types of goldfish diseases and illness.

1. White spot disease or ich (Ichtyopthirius)
2. Velvet disease
3. Anchor Worm
4. Argulus
5. Fin and Tail Rot
6. Ulcers
7. Cloudy Eye
8. Mouth Rot
9. KHV Virus

Learn All You Can About Goldfish and How You Can Treat Common Goldfish Diseases & ParasitesThe good thing about all these common fish diseases that happen in goldfish is that they are easily cured with the proper medication and care. Next I will talk about each individual disease and how to properly cure them step by step. Proper goldfish care and action is essential in getting these goldfish back to health and getting the goldfish disease under control.

For more information on what types of medications you should use to treat goldfish diseases and where you can buy effective fish medication please visit Goldfish Medication Treatments For Illnesses and Diseases .


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The Goldfish Guy
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7 comments on “Goldfish Care – Types of Goldfish Diseases

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hello…. Um my gold fish just had this disease called Eye Cloud if you know what that is and I really need advice because when it fell off his eye came with it so he has NO eyes AT ALL!!!! There are holes in his head where his eyes were!!!! I dont know how to explain it!!!! Please write me back at thanx!!!!

  2. The Goldfish Guy on said:

    Hi there,

    Yes I’ve heard of the goldfish disease eye cloud as you call it, also known as Cloudy Eye which sometimes affect goldfish.

    I’m sorry to hear about your goldfish. It’s probably one that you really liked too. I can’t beleive his eyes came off, that’s sad.

    I guess the bacterial infection could possibly have basically killed or destroyed the eye itself. That’s a possibility or another goldfish could have been picking on your goldfish.

    I am going to write a post on Cloudy Eye Goldfish disease so everyone can learn more. I will also email you as well to make sure your goldfish will be okay.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

  3. Hi, Can anyone help please with a diagnosis? My goldfish is bloated and has bubbles the size of peas on its body. There are no white or red spots., no pine cone effect and his/her fins seem fine. She is mostly on the bottom of the tank and am sure feels miserable. I have tried Aquarium salt, water change, new filter and pump and air stone. It has some of the characteristics of dropsy, but some not. Any ideas please?

    • mark speed on said:

      Sounds like supersaturated gases.
      Water straight from the tap is under high pressure, You should store yr water for 24 hours prior to adding it to the aquarium OR agitate the water for 5 mins or more to release the gases.

      Fill a glass with water from your tap (turn the tap on fully for fast flow), now you can see all the tiny bubbles stuck to the sides of the glass!!
      These bubbles are supersaturated gases and they can enter your fishes bloodstream if the water is not literally beaten before adding it to the aquarium, this causes the pea sized bubbles on your fish and can also travel behind the eye causing it to pop out!

      Read this……………………………
      Water supersaturated with dissolved gases has long been a source of health problems for fish, both in natural waters and aquaculture operations.
      Gas super saturation occurs when the partial pressure of one or more gases becomes greater then that of the atmosphere. The blood and tissue of fish will quickly reach equilibrium with its surrounding environment. Thus, if the surrounding environment is supersaturated, the fish’s blood and tissue will also become supersaturated.
      Unfortunately, once in the blood and tissue, the supersaturated gases may come out of solution to form bubbles (embolism) which can physically block circulation and lead to death.
      Gas super saturation can occur in a variety of ways:
      Hole on the suction side of a pump or leaks in pump seals. If air is allowed to enter on the suction side of a pump, the subsequent venturi effect and compression of air bubbles as the water passes through the pump can cause super saturation.
      Heating of water more then 6C. If water already saturated with air is suddenly heated, super saturation could occur.

  4. Alyssa on said:

    Hello there! I won two gold fish at a fair about five years ago and both fish grew to be about 3-4 inches long. There was a gold one and a gold/white one. We bought another two fish from the pet store about a year after getting the first two. We had four fish for about four years until the large gold one had a bump on his left side gill. We monitored it and it became very, very large. One of the smaller fish would always follow it around and rub on the bump. Sometimes the small fish looked as though it was trying to nibble off the big bump. The bump wasn’t smooth, it was very lumpy looking and go very large. The bump started to look one day as if it were rotting and a few days later both the gold large fish and the small fish that followed it were dead. We still have the other two fish and they seem very healthy. Any idea to what the bump was and why the small fish was always rubbing/nibbling on it? Thank you!(:

  5. max bellman on said:

    There are little these little squirmy thing in my fish tank and I think they might have killed my fish.I had a fish that lived in a diffrent tank for a year and it died when I switched him to another tank.I just found the squirmy things about 4-6 weeks after the fish died. Please help.Contact me at thanks!!!!!

  6. twilight143 on said:

    well i have a goldfish and im not sure if its eiether pregnant or it has some kind of disease but i spotted a orange redish dot up top next to its fin and also it has cloudy eyes and but i have this other fish that seems alright but they both have white spots on there scales and the other fish i was talking about usually stays in the botom of the fish tank

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