Goldfish Tips When Buying & Selecting Goldfish At Pet Stores – What To Look For

When buying goldfish from pet stores there are somethings you should do to ensure you are buying healthy goldfish when selecting fish at pet shops. You should first buy fish from pet stores that are known for their quality, variety and service. Buying goldfish from clean pet stores and great service are a good way at making an excellent purchase when buying goldfish.

There are always thing people should look out for before buying your goldfish from pet stores.

1. Make sure the pet store is clean, if not how well are the fish really being taken care of.

2. Never buy fish from a tank that has more then one dead fish. Dead fish are the first signs of whether or not there being taken care of well or something is wrong with the aquarium.

3. Look for any signs and symptoms of goldfish diseases or illnesses. Are they scratching on the aquarium bottom, are they sluggish, weak, bloody streaks in fins, torn fins, white spots ( ich ) or swimming erratically. If so don’t buy from these tanks, if you do you may just be bringing a headache home and infect your other goldfish at home if you have some.

4. Smell the water, the water should have no smell if it’s being taken care of properly. If there is a smell signals poor care for fish or something is going wrong with the aquarium water chemistry.

5. Avoid buying stunted fish and deformed fish. Everyone wants perfect looking fish for their aquarium and these fish may have trouble competing for food with others, they may be slower and then will develop razor back disease which is deterioration of the body due to malnutrition.

6. Never buy a goldfish from a tank that’s being treated, and they shouldn’t sell it to you either.

7. Ask all kinds of questions, if you have questions they should be able to answer them. If they don’t know, well how good are these goldfish really being taken care of.

Going into the pet store with a little knowledge is the first step in buying goldfish and making a good purchase from the pet store. Knowledge will help you in your goldfish hobby and save the headache of bringing home someone’s problem and saving some money in the meantime. Before buying goldfish make sure you do all the research you have to involved in golfish care, goldfish diseases and information, to know what your getting yourself into and know all the things needed in taking care of your new goldfish.


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  1. Steve Wilson on said:

    I agree with you on that. One simple way to check a store’s reputation is to check their directory listing and the reviews. Of course most business nowadays, even small ones have already their own websites and definitely listed at online directories. This is how i look for good stores when looking for fish and aquarium products back then. Now i have my own fish pet shop. You can check our website here.


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