Can I Put Live Aquarium Plants In My Goldfish Tank?

Thinking of putting live aquarium plants in your fish tank with your goldfish? Go for it! Yes, you can add aquarium plants even though you have goldfish. I know many people think that goldfish will eat anything green and the live plants you add to your aquarium will be nothing but fish food. That’s not the case. You can still create a beautiful aquarium with plants and have goldfish in it too.

Goldfish do like to eat and nibble at plants but what you need to do is add aquarium plants that your goldfish won’t be interested in eating. For instance if your thinking of putting some duckweed in your fish tank, it will be gone before you know it. Goldfish love eating duckweed! What you need to do is add aquarium plants that are tough and that has leaves your fish don’t like to eat.

What I have tried over the years and have had great success with is using aquarium plants like Java Fern and Anubias. What I like to do with these plants is attach them to rocks or pieces of driftwood. These plants look amazing in an aquarium! The driftwood makes a nice centrepiece as well.

Live Aquarium Plants In Fish Tanks Look Amazing!

So if your tired of those fake artificial aquarium plants and want real live plants, give it a shot! Aquarium plants are very beneficial and they will help filter your water as well. Nothing beats natural filtration and that’s what water plants do.

So next time your at the pet store or online, pick up a few aquarium plants and add them in with your goldfish. Let me know how you make out! I guarantee you’ll love the new look that live plants do for your aquarium. You’ll also love the colours of your goldfish as it will seem so much brighter as they swim amongst the aquarium plants.

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3 comments on “Can I Put Live Aquarium Plants In My Goldfish Tank?

  1. You can also put some plants in there, it will oxygenate the water and goldfish can nibble the leaves if they’re a bit hungry after the feed without eating too much.

    • The Goldfish Guy on said:

      Yes aquarium plants do help oxygenate the water. Live plants are always a great addition to any fish tank as they can help in so many ways.

  2. Smart Goldfish Care on said:

    You all are all correct. The thing I like about adding live plants is that not only do they look great, they also absorb nitrates from the water. This gives my water quality way up between changes. This is extra helpful seeing that goldfish produce alot of waste.

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