Treating Ich In a Planted Aquarium – Will Fish Medication Kill My Live Plants?

That day will come when you have to deal with treating ich in a planted aquarium and most aquarium owners are afraid of killing or harming their aquarium plants. You have every right to worry! Think of the time and money you put into your fish tank only to have some fish medication kill your aquarium plants.

What you need to do is find ich medication that is safe for aquarium plants. There is one that I’ve used that treats ich and is plant safe.  When treating for ich try using Maracide From MardelLabs which treats against ich, velvet and other external parasites. This ich medication I’ve used many times and it did not kill or harm my aquarium plants at all.

Maracide Mardel Labs - Fish Medication For Treating Ich

So next time your goldfish or tropical fish catch ich don’t worry! Use Maracide from Mardel Labs and get rid of ich fast and keep your aquarium plants safe.

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