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Check Pond Water Temperature When Feeding Goldfish In Fall

It’s September now and are you checking the water temperature of the pond when feeding your goldfish? You need to start checking the temperature as you should be now feeding your pond fish a wheat germ based food as it’s easy to digest. You need to stop feeding your goldfish a high protein food like […]

Feeding Goldfish & Koi Trout Feed Pellets Bad For Health Care of Pond Fish

Many people have probably fed their goldfish and koi fish trout pellets in their ponds or even aquariums but please don’t. Feeding goldfish and koi trout feed is really bad for the health of your fish. Taking proper care of your pond fish involves feeding them a well balanced diet that is nutrient rich. Your […]

Feeding Pond Fish – When Should I Start Feeding Fish In Spring?

Spring has arrived and when should you start feeding pond fish in spring in your garden pond? What people should do is only start feeding their pond fish when the water warms up past 55 degrees farenheit. People need to remember that your fish need to come out of hibernation over winter. Their immune system […]

Do Pond Goldfish Need To Be Fed?

By Jamie Boyle Goldfish in a pond, do you really need to feed them? Well yes and no. When people build a garden pond in their backyard they want to enjoy it, add some pond plants, water lilies and most importantly some fish. The best part about having a water garden feature in your pond […]