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How To Filter Your Goldfish Pond Naturally With Water Plants?

Did you know that you can filter your goldfish pond naturally with water plants? Many people often wonder how they are going to filter their garden pond, what type of pond filtration system to buy but they forget about how well water plants can actually filter your pond. You don’t need this expensive pond filter […]

Oase PondoVac 3 – Pond Cleaning Tool For Goldfish Ponds

Most of us can agree that cleaning a goldfish pond is no fun, until you found the Oase PondoVac3. This easy to use pond vacuum cleaner makes cleaning a pond easy, efficient and fun. A pond vacuum is definitely worth getting even though they can be expensive but the time you save in cleaning your […]

Goldfish Pond- Cleaning and Pond Spring Start Up Tips

Now that spring has arrived your going to need to clean your goldfish pond and get it already for the pond season. Pond maintenance is needed and you will need to clean your goldfish pond of any debris and organic matter that has decomposed over winter. If you did not cover your goldfish pond last […]