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Grow Your Own Pond Plants & Water Lilies From Seeds – Benefits To Goldfish & Koi Water Gardens

If you have a pond and looking to add more aquatic plants why not grow your own pond plants and water lilies from seeds. We all know that water plants help our ponds in so many ways, it helps keep the water safe for fish through natural filtration, helps protect your pond fish from predators […]

Garden Repeller Protects Goldfish From Pond Predators, Herons & Raccoons

We all know that pond predators like the heron and raccoons can be a nuisance when we have a garden pond in our backyard. I know for myself we live in the country and we have all sorts of wild life visiting our ponds on a daily basis. It’s frustrating and aggravating but you can […]

How To Protect Goldfish and Pond Fish From Herons?

Knowing how to protect goldfish, koi and other pond fish from herons will save you a lot of frustration and anger. Today two great blue herons decided to take a little walk into my pond and ate my goldfish for a snack or two. It’s unsure how many goldfish or other pond fish these herons […]

How To Protect Your Goldfish From Pond Predators

By Jamie Boyle Many pond owners today often face the problem of pond predators visiting their water garden and they need to learn how to protect goldfish from pond predators before becoming their next meal. A lot of people don’t even realize they even have a problem until it’s too late. People should always try […]