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Treating Ich In a Planted Aquarium – Will Fish Medication Kill My Live Plants?

That day will come when you have to deal with treating ich in a planted aquarium and most aquarium owners are afraid of killing or harming their aquarium plants. You have every right to worry! Think of the time and money you put into your fish tank only to have some fish medication kill your […]

Goldfish Disease- White Spot Disease- Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)

Goldfish disease are very common in goldfish and one of the most common goldfish diseases is white spot disease or Ich as a short version of the scientific name Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Ich is very common and usually occurs from either due to stressful situations like poor water conditions or a sudden chill. You can usually […]

How To Protect Goldfish Eggs From Developing Fungus and Hatching?

One of the biggest problem with goldfish eggs is the fungus that develops and you will need to prevent this from spreading to other fertile eggs. The goldfish eggs that are white are the ones that will develop fungus and if left in the aquarium it will quickly spread killing other fish eggs before they […]

Debride Medicated Fish Food For Internal Parasites and Diseases

Debride Medicated Food is a treatment medication for both koi and goldfish. Koi and goldfish can become infected with internal worms and parasites causing bacterial infections to occur. Debride Medicated Fish Food will eliminate all internal worms as it contains the active ingredient Praziquantel, a deworming agent. People should treat their fish once a year […]

Prevent Ich Fish Disease – How To Prevent Ich ( White Spot Disease)

By Jamie Boyle Many people often wonder ” How Do I Prevent Ich ” from reaching my aquarium and infecting my fish. There are ways in which you can prevent ich from reaching your tank. Here are some simple ich preventative measures you can do to keep ich away and how to prevent white spot […]