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Goldfish Health Problems – Signs of Fish Diseases and Sickness

Hello goldfish owners, I keep getting emails about different health problems owners are having with their goldfish with all sorts of fish diseases and sickness. I am going to talk a little more about this very common issue. What you need to know is that goldfish can become susceptible to different types of fish diseases […]

Goldfish Care – Types of Goldfish Diseases

Goldfish are susceptible to diseases and here I will discuss the different types of goldfish diseases that fish can develop. Goldfish usually develop diseases or sickness largely due to lack of maintenance on the aquarium. They sometimes can develop them due to injury they suffered by scraping off the protective slime coating that goldfish have […]

Can Goldfish Die From Anchor Worms?

Quick answer, YES! Goldfish can die from anchor worms if left untreated. If you notice that your goldfish has anchor worms attached to their body, you need to begin treatment. There are many fish medications on the market today used to treat against anchor worms on goldfish. I like using this Anchor Worm Treatment called […]

Do Goldfish Float To The Top Of Fish Tank When They Die?

When goldfish die in your aquarium they do indeed float to the top of the water. Do goldfish float to the top right away? No. You’ll usually find a goldfish that has died lying at the bottom of your fish tank. If you leave goldfish that died in your fish tank for a long period […]

What Is Anchor Worms?

By Jamie Boyle Anchor worms ( Crustacean parasite, Lernaea ) are small external parasites often seen on Goldfish, Koi and other types of fish. These anchor worms are small threadlike parasites that you often see them attached to goldfish on the body itself or close to the tail fin or dorsal fin. Once these anchor […]