Goldfish Books Recommended

If your looking to learn some more about taking care of goldfish and want some great goldfish books to read I’ve listed some here. These goldfish books are some of the best with tons of information on goldfish filled with many photos. Take a look at the below goldfish books that are available for purchase through Amazon.

Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care and Collecting


This is one of the best goldfish book that you will ever buy or need. Dr. Johnson writes extensively on goldfish health and disease, including microscopy techniques, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the full span of goldfish diseases.

If your looking to have a goldfish resource right at your finger tips about taking care of goldfish, feeding goldfish, sexing, aquarium set up and maintenance then this goldfish book will be your best choice. You’ll learn all about goldfish care and how to keep your goldfish healthy. This goldfish book has over 100 colour photographs of beautiful varieties of goldfish, this book is a stunning visual reference.

The Goldfish Doctor – How To Treat Sick Goldfish


In this goldfish book you will learn step-by-step how to diagnose and treat your sick goldfish and learn how to prevent it from getting sick in the future. Whether your goldfish has a hard time swimming, always hiding in the corner of the tank, or showing signs of diseases you’ll learn what to do. The Goldfish Doctor book brings the fish health advice you need right to your home. This is a goldfish book you must have on hand in case certain things happen, you’ll know what to do. Great goldfish book!

These two above goldfish books are ones I recommend if you want to have a book at home to read or use it has part of your goldfish first aid kit. Brilliant books, well written and beautiful photos of goldfish varieties. You won’t be disappointed with purchasing either one or both of these goldfish books.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy
“Helping Goldfish Owners With Advice, Fish Care and Fish Medication Treatments for Goldfish Diseases, Illnesses and Parasites”

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