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Do you have a website and want to link to my blog? You can do so by copying and pasting the below code into your website or blog.

What I have done is created text links and banner links that you can use on your website. Choose one of the below text link or banner links.

Goldfish Care Information

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Goldfish Care Information - Learn How To Take Care of Goldfish and Treat Goldfish Diseases and Parasites

All you need to do is simply copy the html code in the box and then paste it into your website or blog. The image and link will automatically appear on your site.

Thanks for everyone taking the time to link to my goldfish blog. Thank you!


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy
“Helping Goldfish Owners With Advice, Fish Care and Fish Medication Treatments for Goldfish Diseases, Illnesses and Parasites”

4 comments on “Link To Us

  1. Lorraine on said:

    Hi Jamie,
    Sorry to contact you through this way I am interested in joing in forum/website as I am a new goldfish owner of 1 week. I cannot see on your web page how to become a member , can only see log in details for exsiting members , I would be gratful for your help in this matter .
    kind regards

  2. my fantail goldfish has large growth on its side under its skin,, ive noticed white stuff breaking through one of its scales ,, i need to know how to help my fish, tried looking on sites to see wot the problem is ,, please help thanks

  3. Hi, I have two fish in our tank (one red cap oranda and the other is a chocolate oranda?) The red cap has started to develop cloudy eye and I wanted to know if I can treat the tank with Melafix with both fish in it? Will it harm my other fish or no? Also my red cap has part of its fin frayed a little on the end but doesn’t look like it rotting or anything. Will Melafix be the best thing to use to heal that too? We’ve already had 2 fish die and I don’t want anymore to die 🙁 thanks

  4. Zain on said:

    I have a few goldfish…..I’ve been raising them in a cement tank….recently I replaced the water in the tank with somewhat muddy water….will it do any good to the fish or should I replace the muddy water with clean water?
    I await your reply…. (I used tap water and placed a pot containing mud inside…now the water is slightly I used an antichlorine solution to dechlorinate the water and to remove heavy metals)

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