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Goldfish Dropsy – Deadly Bacterial Infection

By Jamie Boyle Just yesterday I recieved an email from one of my readers whose goldfish is suffering from dropsy (also known as pine cone disease) that I thought I should share with everyone. Brian sent me this email along with pictures looking for some advice on how to treat his goldfish which is really […]

How To Treat Ulcer Disease On Goldfish

By Jamie Boyle Ulcer disease on goldfish is something all goldfish and aquarium owners will come across some day and you will need to learn how to treat ulcers effectively. I just recently made two posts and talked about How Ulcers Begin On Goldfish and Ulcers On Goldfish – Red Sores Blotches which talks more […]

How Ulcers Begin On Goldfish

By Jamie Boyle Today I received an email from one of my readers who is having a problem with her goldfish with some red blotches on her fantail goldfish. I asked for some more information so I could properly diagnose the symptoms that her goldfish is showing. Here are the goldfish pictures that Michelle sent […]

Ulcers On Goldfish Red Sores- Blotches

By Jamie Boyle Ulcers disease among goldfish appear at the beginning as small red sores or blotches. These ulcers are usually caused by a parasitic infestation then a secondary bacterial infection has set in. These ulcers much like mouth rot will actually eat away the skin and flesh of your goldfish and if left untreated […]

Cloudy Eye Goldfish Problem

By Jamie Boyle Cloudy eye is a goldfish problem often affecting goldfish sometimes caused due to bacterial infections and there are symptoms, causes and treatments to get your goldfish health back to normal. The thing with Cloudy Eye or eye cloud this can be prevented by regular maintenance on your aquarium. Water quality is the […]