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What Should I Feed Baby Goldfish Fry After The Fish Eggs Hatch?

When your goldfish are done breeding what and how do you feed baby goldfish fry after the eggs hatch. These small baby goldfish will feed off the yolk sac for the first 24 hours after the goldfish eggs hatch before swimming on their own. After the baby goldfish fry are swimming on their own you will need […]

How Many Eggs Does A Female Goldfish Lay During Breeding Season?

When goldfish begin breeding or spawning a large female goldfish can lay up to 10,000 eggs. How many eggs that you can save rest on your experience in breeding goldfish. One thing that all pond and aquarium owners should know is that despite the fact that the female goldfish has laid 10,000 eggs or so […]

How Long Does It Take Goldfish Eggs To Hatch?

Once your goldfish spawn it will take some time for the fish eggs to hatch. You will notice the goldfish eggs are like small bubbles all over the roots of plants, the aquarium glass, pond liner, under water lily pads and more. These goldfish eggs will hatch as quick as 48-72 hrs. Generally speaking goldfish […]

How Often Do Goldfish Lay Eggs, Breed or Spawn?

If your wondering on how often do goldfish breed, lay eggs or spawn it all depends on the water temperature. Water temperature? Yes the water temperature is what determines whether or not the goldfish are ready to breed or spawn along with the age of this fish of course. First off the goldfish needs to […]

How To Protect Goldfish Eggs From Developing Fungus and Hatching?

One of the biggest problem with goldfish eggs is the fungus that develops and you will need to prevent this from spreading to other fertile eggs. The goldfish eggs that are white are the ones that will develop fungus and if left in the aquarium it will quickly spread killing other fish eggs before they […]