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How To Calculate Water Volume In Goldfish Pond? Pond Volume Calculator

You should know how to calculate your pond water volume for your water garden. You should know how much water is in your pond not just for the purpose of knowing how big of a pond pump you should buy but you should know in case your goldfish in your pond ever get sick. Sooner […]

Prevent Ich Fish Disease – How To Prevent Ich ( White Spot Disease)

By Jamie Boyle Many people often wonder ” How Do I Prevent Ich ” from reaching my aquarium and infecting my fish. There are ways in which you can prevent ich from reaching your tank. Here are some simple ich preventative measures you can do to keep ich away and how to prevent white spot […]

CopperSafe From Mardel Labs- Fish Medication For Ich, Velvet and Other External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Mardel CopperSafe safely medicates fish suffering from ich (small white spots), velvet (yellow-white spots, loss of color), and other external parasites (visible spots, worms, rapid breathing, extra mucous). For salt and freshwater. Unique non-staining liquid. One treatment is effective for over a month. Very effective ich medication treatment. Ingredients: Chelated Copper Sulfate. […]

Goldfish Medication Treatments For Illnesses, Diseases and Parasites

By Jamie Boyle In todays market there are literally tons of goldfish medications available for the consumer to choose from to treat their fish for illnesses and disease. The question is where do we look, on the internet, at a pet store and overall which type of fish treatment medication do we buy. As we […]

Goldfish Dropsy – Deadly Bacterial Infection

By Jamie Boyle Just yesterday I recieved an email from one of my readers whose goldfish is suffering from dropsy (also known as pine cone disease) that I thought I should share with everyone. Brian sent me this email along with pictures looking for some advice on how to treat his goldfish which is really […]