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How Many Eggs Does A Female Goldfish Lay During Breeding Season?

When goldfish begin breeding or spawning a large female goldfish can lay up to 10,000 eggs. How many eggs that you can save rest on your experience in breeding goldfish. One thing that all pond and aquarium owners should know is that despite the fact that the female goldfish has laid 10,000 eggs or so […]

How To Protect Baby Goldfish Fry From Aquarium Filter and Pond Predators?

In order to have many baby goldfish fry from your breeding you will need to know how to protect your baby fish from not only pond predators but from your aquarium filter intake as well. Baby goldfish can be killed or injured from a variety of different ways. As soon as your goldfish breed and […]

How To Raise Baby Goldfish Fry? Breeding Goldfish Care

Now that your goldfish have spawned you will need to know how to raise baby goldfish fry. You will notice that your goldfish have laid eggs everywhere and soon these will hatch. The best spawning medium to use for goldfish breeding are spawning mops. These work excellent! If you don’t have these then water plants […]