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How Long Do Goldfish Live?

By Jamie Boyle Well this goldfish question “How Long Do Goldfish Live” is one I’ve been asked many many times. The lifespan of a goldfish differs greatly as it all depends on how well people take care of their goldfish. If people provide proper goldfish care they should live a long healthy life. The true […]

Do Pond Goldfish Need To Be Fed?

By Jamie Boyle Goldfish in a pond, do you really need to feed them? Well yes and no. When people build a garden pond in their backyard they want to enjoy it, add some pond plants, water lilies and most importantly some fish. The best part about having a water garden feature in your pond […]

Goldfish Hearing – Do They Hear Sound

By Jamie Boyle People often wonder, do goldfish have hearing? The answer to this question is yes! Many people are often curious whether goldfish can smell, taste, touch, how they eat, do they sleep and can goldfish hear. Goldfish can hear but it’s not like us how we have ears in through which we are […]