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Goldfish Disease- White Spot Disease- Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)

Goldfish disease are very common in goldfish and one of the most common goldfish diseases is white spot disease or Ich as a short version of the scientific name Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Ich is very common and usually occurs from either due to stressful situations like poor water conditions or a sudden chill. You can usually […]

Can Goldfish Die From Anchor Worms?

Quick answer, YES! Goldfish can die from anchor worms if left untreated. If you notice that your goldfish has anchor worms attached to their body, you need to begin treatment. There are many fish medications on the market today used to treat against anchor worms on goldfish. I like using this Anchor Worm Treatment called […]

How To Tell If Your Goldfish Is Sick? Signs and Symptoms of Illness and Disease

You take care of your goldfish on a daily basis but do you really know how to tell if your goldfish is sick or what are the signs of illness and disease? Knowing the signs of sickness in goldfish is your first step in saving the life of your pet fish. Through careful observation is […]

Kordon Malachite Green Fish Medication For Ich and External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Kordon Malachite Green Disease Treatment is an effective fish medication used to treat a wide variety of fish diseases for both freshwater and saltwater. Malachite Green is a medication that I’ve been using for fish treatment for years due to it’s effectiveness at healing and treating fish diseases and parasites including ich. […]

Maracide From Mardel Labs – Fish Medication For Ich, Velvet and Other External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Liquid effective fish medication used against ick, trichodina, chilodinella and related parasites. With Biospheres&reg spot-on technology so it is automatically attracted to the fish. Maracide makes use of a revolutionary technology that delivers the treatment directly to the fish. Multi-layered microspheres attach to the fish and break down one layer at a […]