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Goldfish Care- How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish

 Taking care of your goldfish is one of the most important things to do to providing your goldfish the proper care and a long healthy life. First thing to do when taking care of your goldfish when buying goldfish from pet stores is to make sure the tank has been set up in advance. When […]

How To Raise or Lower pH Levels in Goldfish Tanks and Aquariums?

Having an aquarium involves regular maintenance such as water quality tests and you should know how to raise or lower pH levels in fish tanks if need be. Overtime your pH in your aquarium will lower and you will need to raise it depending on the type of fish you have. Certain species of fish […]

How To Lower Ammonia Levels In Goldfish Tanks, Aquariums or Fish Ponds?

Sooner or later new aquarium owners will face high levels of ammonia in their goldfish tank or fish pond and you will need to know how to lower or reduce ammonia levels. When new aquariums are set up many people will often see high levels of ammonia but this is because the fish tank is […]

How To Prevent and Control Algae Blooms In Goldfish Ponds? Get Rid Of Algae!

Does your goldfish pond suffer from green water? If so then you need to read this article and learn how to prevent and control algae blooms. Green water in ponds can be frustrating but there are simple things that can be done to help control algae from occurring. In spring and summer different things need […]

How To Prevent and Control Mosquitoes in Goldfish Ponds and Backyard Ponds?

If your looking at building a goldfish pond in your backyard you should know how to prevent and control mosquitoes. Many people are not aware but controlling mosquitoes starts right from the building process of your new water garden and planning where you want your water plants, what type of aquatic plants and what type […]