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Laguna Floating Feeding Station For Garden Pond Fish

Laguna Floating Feeding Station is a great addition to your garden pond when it comes time to feed your fish. I love this pond product as it gathers up your fish in one spot. This floating feeding station has many benefits: 1. Gathers pond fish in one spot come feeding time. 2. Allows for easy […]

How To Prevent Floating Fish Food From Clogging Pond Filter?

Are you feeding your pond fish floating food or are you feeding your pond filter and clogging it up? Lots of people have asked me ” How Do I Feed My Pond Fish and Not The Filter“. What happens when people feed their pond fish floating food it never stays in just one spot and […]

Oase PondoVac 3 – Pond Cleaning Tool For Goldfish Ponds

Most of us can agree that cleaning a goldfish pond is no fun, until you found the Oase PondoVac3. This easy to use pond vacuum cleaner makes cleaning a pond easy, efficient and fun. A pond vacuum is definitely worth getting even though they can be expensive but the time you save in cleaning your […]