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Kordon Malachite Green Fish Medication For Ich and External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Kordon Malachite Green Disease Treatment is an effective fish medication used to treat a wide variety of fish diseases for both freshwater and saltwater. Malachite Green is a medication that I’ve been using for fish treatment for years due to it’s effectiveness at healing and treating fish diseases and parasites including ich. […]

CopperSafe From Mardel Labs- Fish Medication For Ich, Velvet and Other External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Mardel CopperSafe safely medicates fish suffering from ich (small white spots), velvet (yellow-white spots, loss of color), and other external parasites (visible spots, worms, rapid breathing, extra mucous). For salt and freshwater. Unique non-staining liquid. One treatment is effective for over a month. Very effective ich medication treatment. Ingredients: Chelated Copper Sulfate. […]

Kordon Prevent Ich Fish Disease Inhibitor and Preventative Fish Medication

By Jamie Boyle A 100% organic solution to help prevent fish diseases caused by ich, fungus, protozoans, and dinoflagellates. Safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums, including reef and live rock aquariums. Also safe for ornamental ponds use. Non-toxic to all biological filters, fishes, amphibians, and turtles. Not intended for fishes intended for human consumption. […]

Maracide From Mardel Labs – Fish Medication For Ich, Velvet and Other External Parasites

By Jamie Boyle Liquid effective fish medication used against ick, trichodina, chilodinella and related parasites. With Biospheres&reg spot-on technology so it is automatically attracted to the fish. Maracide makes use of a revolutionary technology that delivers the treatment directly to the fish. Multi-layered microspheres attach to the fish and break down one layer at a […]

Kordon Aquarium Rid Ich Disease Preventative- Fish Medication Treatment Ich

By Jamie Boyle Kordon’s Rid Ich+ is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many fish diseases in both fresh and saltwater fish caused by external parasites. This medication not only treats against ich but also treats fungal infections in fish as well. When treating fish for ich […]