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Water Gardening Is Here! Are Your Garden Pond Fish Healthy?

Well spring is here and that means your water garden is now open for another year but are your pond fish healthy after a long cold winter? Hopefully all your goldfish, koi and other types of pond fish you may have are healthy and actively swimming around your pond but for some of you, you […]

How Often Should Water Quality Tests Be Done In Aquariums or Fish Ponds?

Water quality tests in aquariums or fish ponds should be done as much as necessary. Goldfish and other types of fish require clean water to live a long healthy life and you are the only one that can provide that for your pet fish. There are several factors that will influence how often you should […]

How To Lower Nitrite Levels In Goldfish Aquariums and Garden Ponds?

You should really only notice nitrite levels being high in new aquariums or small garden ponds that have newly been set up. As I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts is that it takes time for the nitrogen cycle to start working. It can take up to 4 weeks to properly cycle a new fish […]

How To Raise or Lower pH Levels in Goldfish Tanks and Aquariums?

Having an aquarium involves regular maintenance such as water quality tests and you should know how to raise or lower pH levels in fish tanks if need be. Overtime your pH in your aquarium will lower and you will need to raise it depending on the type of fish you have. Certain species of fish […]