How To Disinfect Fish Nets For Goldfish Aquarium, Fish Tank or Garden Pond?

If your looking for ways to disinfect or sterilize fish nets for your goldfish tank or fish pond you’ll learn how here. What do you do with fish nets that have become exposed to a variety of fish diseases? How do you clean and sterilize your fish nets? Did you know that you can easily transfer fish diseases and parasites by fish nets?

Aquarium owners need to realize that disinfecting aquarium equipment and supplies like fish nets is very important. What you don’t want to do is transfer fish diseases back and forth between tanks or after fish have been cured and treated for diseases or parasites. What I like to do is after exposing fish nets to diseases or parasites such as ich is to place my fish nets in a solution of water and malachite green. This will help disinfect or kill any bad bacteria or parasites on your fish nets.

Kordon Malachite Green - Fish Medication For Treating Ich and External ParasitesIn the container of malachite green I like to use a strong dosage. I always say that more is not better when treating fish but when it comes to disinfecting fish nets go for it. Make sure the fish nets is completely submerged in the solution. Cleaning and sterilizing your fish nets with malachite green is the best way.

What other people like to do for cleaning their fish nets is by boiling water and placing the fish nets in it. You can do it this way but this is time consuming. You’ll have to boil water and wait. There is no need and you can make your life easier and more efficient. All you need to do is leave your fish nets in a solution of malachite green and that’s all there is to it. Using malachite green will disinfect fish nets.

What are some ways you use to clean/sterilize/disinfect your fish nets?


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2 comments on “How To Disinfect Fish Nets For Goldfish Aquarium, Fish Tank or Garden Pond?

  1. barbara washington on said:

    thank you so much for reading this. i recently bought five gold fish for a ten gallon tank and soon realized this wasnt enough space as even thou i thought i was being careful they all ended up getting ick and died. i felt and feel so awful. my question is how do i treat my empty tank to get rid any thing bad.

  2. This site has been so helpful. My sister got me a fish tank and two 27 cent goldfish for my high school graduation a couple months ago. I was kind of clueless and just followed the instructions that came with the aquarium. The fish have lived for 5 months, but I tried adding a new fish, who soon died. I came to the internet looking for answers! Thank you so much for doing this blog! It’s been extremely helpful!

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