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Water Gardening Is Here! Are Your Garden Pond Fish Healthy?

Well spring is here and that means your water garden is now open for another year but are your pond fish healthy after a long cold winter? Hopefully all your goldfish, koi and other types of pond fish you may have are healthy and actively swimming around your pond but for some of you, you […]

What To Feed Your Goldfish?

Goldfish feeding is one of the best parts of your goldfish hobby, but most people often wonder what to feed their goldfish. There are tons of different goldfish food that people can buy at their local pet stores. Some food is better then others and each fish food has different benefits. What I feed our […]

How Much Fish Food Should I Feed My Goldfish?

How much food do you feed your goldfish is a very good question. There are a couple of different things we need to look at when determining how much food to feed them. First of all when feeding your goldfish or koi for aquarium or ponds the general rule of thumb is they should be able […]

Garden Repeller Protects Goldfish From Pond Predators, Herons & Raccoons

We all know that pond predators like the heron and raccoons can be a nuisance when we have a garden pond in our backyard. I know for myself we live in the country and we have all sorts of wild life visiting our ponds on a daily basis. It’s frustrating and aggravating but you can […]

How To Calculate Water Volume In Goldfish Pond? Pond Volume Calculator

You should know how to calculate your pond water volume for your water garden. You should know how much water is in your pond not just for the purpose of knowing how big of a pond pump you should buy but you should know in case your goldfish in your pond ever get sick. Sooner […]