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Where Can I Buy Live Aquarium Plants For Sale Online In Canada For Fish Tank

Where can you buy live aquarium plants online in Canada you ask? Easy! You can buy aquarium plants in Canada at AquariumPlantsCanada.com This online aquatic plant store will be opening between June-July 2012. This spring I am putting up a large facility to expand on to our existing water lilies and pond plant business, Country […]

Can I Put Live Aquarium Plants In My Goldfish Tank?

Thinking of putting live aquarium plants in your fish tank with your goldfish? Go for it! Yes, you can add aquarium plants even though you have goldfish. I know many people think that goldfish will eat anything green and the live plants you add to your aquarium will be nothing but fish food. That’s not […]

Goldfish Aquarium – Should I Add Real or Artificial Aquatic Plants To Fish Tank?

When you first get in the aquarium hobby, buy your first goldfish people often debate whether or not they should add real aquarium plants or artificial water plants to their fish tank. It really depends on you! There are many benefits of adding real live aquatic plants to your aquarium rather then buying artificial aquarium […]

Adding Aquarium Plants – Live Aquatic Plants For Goldfish Tank Beneficial

If you decide to add aquarium plants to your goldfish tank there are many benefits to it. Live aquatic plants can help keep your fish tank healthy and safe for fish. Water plants are very beneficial as they help filter the water in your aquarium by reducing nitrates in your fish tank which is a […]